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    Help with Pentair ET and IC40

    I think i figured it out, so do set a filter/pump schedule that turns on the SWG to match that of pool pump schedule?
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    Help with Pentair ET and IC40

    Hello, I am trying to figure out what my pool builder did. I have attached photos, but in essence I have a Superflo VS, IC40 Chlorine Generator, and an easy touch 4 panel. I also have a valve actuator for deck jets. Okay, so pump is wired up and had a communication cable that is not connected to...
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    New and Trying to Stay Above Water

    Hello TFP members! I just had a Gunite pool built. Plaster was done on Friday and PB added some chemicals on Saturday. I have been lurking on TFP for some time, but things went faster than expected. PB hasn't been by since Saturday. I received my Taylor K-2006 kit today and just took some...