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    Can't balance pH and TA

    OK - thanks for your help. I'm like you, three months from now I will drain and refill the tub so I'll just focus on the pH instead of the TA.
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    Can't balance pH and TA

    I just filled my hot tub for the season and I'm having a heck of a time getting its pH and TA to the correct levels. I'm following the guidelines outlined in Nitro's article " How do I use Choline in my Spa (or pool). I'm trying to get my TA to 50 ppm like he recommends but when I do that my...
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    Recommendations on new bromine floater

    I went to my local WalMart a few months ago and picked one of these up for $2.99. Can't get much simpler and it works well. Swimming Pool/Spa Chlorine Bromine Flip Floater Chemical Tab Dispenser | F10008 -
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    Cheapest place to buy Taylor replacement reagents online?

    I have read several posts in this thread that refer to storing regents in a fridge. If you do that does that extend the shelf-life past the 18 month mark? Also, is the fridge storage method good for all regents?
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    Need help getting TA and pH to stay at the right levels

    Thanks Dave for pointing this out. I will use the baking soda to work on getting the TA up. UPDATE: using Dave's product recommendations I was able to get pH down to 7.2 and TA to 20. Per PoolMath I added the recommended amount of baking soda and ran all jets for 30 minutes. TA went to 60...
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    Need help getting TA and pH to stay at the right levels

    Water balances out very well using PoolMath - all of the action items are spot on as far as obtaining the proper levels I need. Here is the one area that I'm having trouble with - I'm trying to get my TA to stay at 50 but my pH measures around 7.8 to 7.9. So, when I add the recommended level...
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    Water Balance Questions

    Thanks for pointing out the section of PoolMath that deals with bleach concentrates - I just didn't scroll down far enough to see it. I assume that the output results in the "Effects of Adding Chemicals" section is based upon the gallon size that is entered at the very top? Also, thanks for...
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    Water Balance Questions

    Our new spa (400 gallons & planned temp setting of 103) will be arriving this next week and I plan to implement the Bromine method outlined by Molson in the thread - How do I use Bromine in my spa? That posting refers to another thread about first balancing your water before implementing the...
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    New Jucuzzi Owner - water treatment questions

    We have just purchased a new Jacuzzi J355 and will be taking delivery of it in about 10 day - 2 weeks. In the meantime I have been studying up on the different water treatment methods/systems and trying to determine what will be best for us going forward. Also, our tub will come with a cover...