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    Moles working outside of pool edge

    I know I'm late to the party here, but what did you end up doing? We've got the same issue. Did yours get worse?
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    10% Liquid Chlor at Ollies $2.54/gal (with their 15% off thru tomorrow!)

    If you live near an Ollies, restock your shock! Normally $2.99/gal, everything is 15% off through tomorrow. So it's $2.54/gal.
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    Low TA, high pH

    Thanks! This answers my "ideal TA" question. Mine seems to stay right at 60, and I wondered if I should try to raise it to 80 (per my Taylor test kit.) So i'll just keep my hands off unless it gets below 50!
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    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    See how far you are from an Ollies. (If they made it the whole way from PA to TN, chances are you have one nearby.) This time of year, they have pool shock 10% for $2.99/ gal, and it's way fresher than the stuff I got at Lowe's & HD.
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    Adding a Fountain to Coleman 18x48

    Maddie, does the fountain (aeration) affect pool chemistry?
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    Almost jumped the gun & stopped the SLAM with murky water!

    I started my SLAM with a green algae mess the evening of 5/18. It turned cloudy & blue, seemed like chlorine loss was only from sunlight over several days, and I was impatient & almost stopped the SLAM. Then I thought: better to listen to those that have done this countless times before. So...
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    Don’t Judge! Tons of algae

    Thank you!
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    Frogs !!??

    It’s frog mating season! It’s their ONE shot to breed, don’t begrudge them that! 😆 They didn’t like our SLAM chemicals, and have moved on. Or maybe they were just done? 🤷‍♀️
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    Family Leisure install

    Ours is from Family Leisure (Nashville.) I believe our pool is level, but 1.) They dropped screws into the pool during the install 😲... could’ve been a disaster, but we found them all! 2.) They didn’t remove their boots when installing/ walking the liner. We have a few cowboy boot heel prints...
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    Don’t Judge! Tons of algae

    😊Thank you, Richard! I tested CYA & the dot is very faint at 30ppm (which is my goal.) Would you recommend that I leave it alone or add some stabilizer? Also, is it OK that I picked up a single-use hth floater (99% trichlor)for the 2 days I will be out of town?
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    Don’t Judge! Tons of algae

    One more Q: the water is murky, so I can't test CYA, right?
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    Don’t Judge! Tons of algae

    No, no one. 😟 It's enough to ask the neighbor to take care of the chickens, the dogs & our pet turkey. So I got one of those hth floating chlorine dispensers just so it doesn't go to 0 while we're gone. I guess I'll just check & balance everything upon my return.
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    Don’t Judge! Tons of algae

    Day 6, Still murky! I only seem to be losing FC to the heat & sunlight (93F yesterday with no clouds!) ***What should I do if I plan to be away a couple of days? FC 11.5 (lost 0.5ppm overnight) CC 0 pH 7.2 TA 60
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    Don’t Judge! Tons of algae

    FC loss overnight was 1.0. Levels this morning: FC 11 (goal is 12) CC 0.5 pH 7.2 TA 50 CYA assumed to be 30 Water is blue, but murky enough that I can't see the bottom. Ive brushed, vacuumed, backwashed when pressure increased 25% or more. Pump is running 24/7. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Perma Salt to TFP Start up

    Thank you!