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    Stringy white foamy stuff?

    Love this! I *AM* the person who waits to call EMS for the more reckless folks. I just never applied that same principal to the pool. Thanks for the great analogy! Passed the OCLT! Tested last night at 9:30 and again this morning at 6:30. No chlorine loss. 🎉🎉🎉 This group is so awesome...
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    Stringy white foamy stuff?

    I am a Pool Math user. When I try to set my target FC to anything higher than 7 it says that’s outside my range based on my CYA. If I flip the SLAM toggle on, it says my minimum is 14. Your suggestion is 10. So just ignore Pool Math’s formulas/suggestions. That’s scary to me. Pool Math is my...
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    Stringy white foamy stuff?

    My chlorine-sensitive nephew gets very red, itchy eyes within an hour of being in any chlorine pool, along with very dry flaky skin. He loves to swim with us though. We manage it alright. No one else has that reaction in my pool. As for laundry, we do wash swimsuits, but only after 2-3 wears...
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    Stringy white foamy stuff?

    Hi, MKNauss. Last year towards the end of the year my pH got high. I had to add muriatic acid. This year my pH has remained steady at 7.4 except for a short stint in May after lots of rain. Then it hit 7.8. I added more stabilizer to raise my CYA about then, and it dropped the pH back to 7.4...
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    Stringy white foamy stuff?

    Hi! It nets out with a fine mesh net. It almost immediately dries powdery. There is very little of it, but I’m fastidious about the pool. I know little problems can be big problems quickly. Thanks for the response. Hi, Snoobug! Thanks for the response and tips. Maybe I need to go back to pool...
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    Stringy white foamy stuff?

    Second season with my fiberglass chlorine pool. No problems so far. But about a week ago I first noticed some whitish, stringy floating stuff in the shallow end of my pool. It almost looks like a thin string of spit. Weird. I attributed it to a new pool float, thinking it had some sort of...
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    Covered with Loop Loc but not closed - pump running

    I tried to find an answer for this, but a response in the old thread from 2013 that I linked below is the closest I could find. I would like to follow the TFP guidelines of not fully closing my pool until the water temperature is below 60°. I’m in Oklahoma though, and our weather varies wildly...
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    How to kill springtails!!!???

    Been there and done that with the springtails. We came home from a three day vacation to find the entire surface of the pool COVERED in them. We are still kind of fighting them, but just a little here and there. Our pool is new this year, and we laid sod all around it. We think that's where they...
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    Pump Not Working - How to Keep Pool Clean

    Me yesterday: Look at us! We are going to get through our whole first season without one pool problem! Me today: We have no power to the pool. Aaarrrgghhh! So I have read some posts here about non-working pumps. I get that while waiting for an electrician to fix the power issue I need to move...
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    Alternate cal hypo and bleach

    @Newdude Thanks! I was worried about the two mixing, even in the pool, which is what originally brought me back here looking for some great advice. I appreciate you guys!
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    Alternate cal hypo and bleach

    Like always, you guys are so helpful! Thanks for the info about switching from cal hypo to bleach (and maybe back again) and for the extra tips about keeping FC a little higher. I so appreciate all the help!
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    Alternate cal hypo and bleach

    Ok! So I can see two ways of being sure my FC never goes below the minimum as a result of a super sunny high-UV day. One, At night when I add cal hypo or bleach I can raise my FC levels 2 or 3 ppm higher than the recommended level so when it fades during the day, it fades to number above the...