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    Upcharge for Stonescapes mini pebble??

    Thank you, it does!!
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    Upcharge for Stonescapes mini pebble??

    We’re in the process of getting bids for a new pool build. I thought we had decided on a contractor but while the bid includes Stonescapes mini pebble, it only includes light colors. I inquired about Tahoe Blue and was told it would be an extra $1,000 (about 15% of the total mini pebble quote...
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    New OB in north Phoenix AZ - please share the subs you love

    We’re about to start a new OB in north Phoenix/Scottsdale AZ and i’m really hoping to get the names of subs who have done a great job, as well as those who didn’t hold up to expectations. Great quality work at a great price is more important than timeliness. This will be happening in...
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    Owner build in Peoria, AZ

    Can I please get a list of the subs you used (and any you wouldn’t recommend)? I’m about to start an OB project here in the valley.
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    New Pool Build in Apache Junction AZ

    Can I ask who you’re going with for OB? I’m also in the valley and ready to embark on this endeavor. Thanks