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    Breaker and Pool Pump

    Thanks guys.....I had a pool guy come out and confirm the breaker was bad. One of the dual switches wasn't turning on. While I was getting 120 to ground for each line, together there was no reading. Learned something new. I'm just happy it wasn't a surge and $2,000+ in repairs! Thanks again...
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    Breaker and Pool Pump

    Hi, Yesterday I had to flip my pool breaker at the main box. When I turned it back on the Intermatic timers, booster pump, and VS pump (Sta-Rite Intellipro) won't turn on. I confirmed with a multimeter there is 240v. Did something surge and blown the equipment? Thanks chad
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    Maytronics Dolphin M600 Review - With Video

    So M600 vs S300i? Sounds like M600 app a pain?