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    Brand new- Landscaping Help Needed for TX

    Thanks for the feedback. I have looked at Hollies ( Nellie Stevens, Savannah) and while they would be a good choice for the space we have a little dog and a cat that roam our yard that would definitely eat the berries which are toxic to them. So out of fear of that, I think Hollies are out. I...
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    Brand new- Landscaping Help Needed for TX

    We live in San Antonio, TX and just built a pool. Looking for advice for everything! We need some screening tees/bushes/plants for our fence line that runs adjacent to our pool. There is not much space (like 5 feet) and would need them to grow to at least 12-15 feet high due to our sloped...
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    Planning Houston area pool? Landscaping? Small Wax Myrtle warning here...

    @BowserB in regards to your Eagleston Holly, do you have pets? I have heard great things about Holly in general for around a pool, but I am concerned about my little dog and cat that play in the yard. Thoughts?