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    aquabot t4rc doesn't move but pumps water

    Exactly, and unfortunately it is most likely a dead motor. :x
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    Polaris 9300

    How is it at picking up fine dirt? Anyone know how many microns it filters down to?
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    Hayward Multiport Valve Hard to Move

    Opened it up today. Spider gasket was fine, but the spring inside had a bit of rust on it. I sprayed spring with WD 40 to clean it and lubed it with a few drops of oil and it works fine now. Hopefully it will last for a while. Thanks
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    Hayward Multiport Valve Hard to Move

    Didn't think of that....I will look into it.
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    Hayward Multiport Valve Hard to Move

    Hayward sand filter...I replaced the valve a year or 2 ago and now it is very stiff. Hard to press it down and hard to turn it. There must be something that needs lubrication. Ha sanyone had this problem and know where or what to lube? Thanks :-D
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    has anyone used "POOLSKIM"?

    How are you guys getting in to poolforum? I can't get the pages to load at all there anymore. :?:
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    Dolphin Advantage

    Based on my experience with the dolphin dynamic 2002 I would not recommend any dolphin products. I think you're better off with an aquabot or a blue diamond. Take a look at my review of the aquabot viva a couple of posts below this one. CarlD also had some problems with his dolphin.
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    Aquabot Viva Review

    Some background: I had the Aquabot Turbo cleaner for about 9 years. It was an excellent unit and served me very well. I was able to use it in any temperature water which was important to me as I used it when the pool was first opened in the spring, at temperatures of about 45 degrees. The...
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    Help! Can't get connection from filter to pump to stay put!

    It seems that there is too much pressure being built up, assuming your clamps are on tight. Is your multi valve set to filter? What happens if you try to hold the hose there with your hand? If it still blows off you have some kind of pressure problem.
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    Blue Pearl vs Blue Diamond

    I just received my Aquabot Viva, which is essentially the same as the Blue Diamond remote control model. I'll review it after I use it a couple of far looks promising. I actually paid less for the remote model than the list price of the Blue Diamond without remote. :-D
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    Autopilot vs. others

    Sean, while you're at it, one improvement would be that if there are no pump times programmed, the unit will not shut off in the event of a power failure. Currently you have to have at least 1 pump program, otherwise the unit shuts off indefinitely if the power goes out. Not a big deal, but it...
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    Robotic pool cleaners

    As an update, I posted in another thread that my dolphin has officially died. I looked into the aquabot T4, and was told by a reputable dealer that the aqubot viva is the best model to get at the present time. Also, check it out on ebay-the viva can be bought for around 1300 with delivery...
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    Dead Dolphin

    My Dolphin Diagnostic 2002 robot died today. :cry: It's only about 3 years old....I think it is the control board because it starts pumping, then moves a bit, then dies.So the pump and the motor are both able to work. I bought the Dolphin because I got a good deal on it on ebay and my Aquabot...
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    Crack in Vari Flow Valve

    Thanks for the reply, Waste. Good thing we have this forum...poolforum is gone :( Eventually what happened was that I went to a local pool store.They didn't have the body,or any other parts for that valve as they said it had been replaced with a newer model by Hayward. Since the valve was over...
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    salt water question

    The oak streamers are a seasonal thing, at least here in Canada. They will start soon and last a week or 2 then stop. A real nuisance. You'll be emptying your skimmer basket a few times a day. One thing I use that helps is a skimmer sock. Keeps the Crud from getting through to the filter...