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    Pump cover and pump recomendation

    Looking to try to get a few more years out of a pump motor last motor lasted only 3 years before it started squealing with online sales now it's cost effective to replace the whole pump instead of the motor I have Hayward 1.5 super pump considering reducing to 1hp if everything lines up has...
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    Pool closing question

    Preparing my mind for the closing of pool,but trying to stop the Raining day worms from entering . I have a mesh safety cover on a inground pool and saw a post that some one slid a rope under the edge of the cover to stop worms from entering pool. .. Has anyone had any luck doing that ? Or any...
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    cya in pucks

    Once you explained it to me .its so obvious!!! I felt kind of dumbfounded ....Thanks again
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    cya in pucks

    At a pool party this weekend , i was explaining my new found hobby,understanding pool chemistry! when a friend said " how many gallons of water would he need to remove from his pool weekly to keep his cya levels the same, using 3 8 oz.pucks weekly? I said not sure but I know where to find...
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    Now i can laugh!!

    Are there any tricks for daily checking of FC as the OTO test kit only reads to 5. Do i need to need to use the r-0870 and r-0871 daily, thanks for your help !! will try the vitamin C trick today.
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    Now i can laugh!!

    I am a new here .the local pool store must of had a excess of cya to get rid of and sold me 16 lbs to put in know the results. So after buying enough chemicals to pay their rent, i found this site. after several partial drain and refills with well water and a TF 100 here are my results...