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    Pool Deck Refinish

    My concrete pool deck needs help. Sealed it about 6 years ago with Behrs clear acrylic sealer. It did not look great to start with and has begun degrade. Bare spots, uneven wear,etc. Also got very slippery even though I added the sand additive when it was applied. HAve tried pressure washing it...
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    Low TA causing low Salt and CYA?

    Not yet. Planning on adding 4 lbs stabilizer and 7 bags salt and then test.
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    Low TA causing low Salt and CYA?

    Today's results. All from a brand new K200 kit. Let sample get to room temperature. Filter has been running for at least 16 hours. FC 4.5 PH 7.8 Alk 120 - Will let it drop to 70 CA 100 CYA less than 30. Filled up all the way to the top and could still see dot. Where did it all go? Salt 1,800
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    Low TA causing low Salt and CYA?

    No auto fill. Have overflow but no indication of a leak. Level stays steady.
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    Low TA causing low Salt and CYA?

    Meant to say TA
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    Low TA causing low Salt and CYA?

    Dilution was my first thought but this is way more than what I have had in the past. Pump has been running 8 hrs at night all winter to prevent freezing and recently was on for a while while vacuuming. I am shooting for TA of 100 or so. Will check calcium tomorrow along with everything else and...
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    Low TA causing low Salt and CYA?

    Pool was open all winter and lots of rain. Getting ready to start up SWG and wanted to balance water. Readings were FC 6 (had added some bleach) PH 7.4 TA could not read - out of reagent CYA 30 (was 70 in the fall) Salt 1600 (was 3,000 in the fall) Went to pool store to buy stabilizer and had...
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    cyuranic acid level dropped over winter

    I had a similar experience. I keep my pool open and there was record rain this winter. Both my CYA and salt dropped 50%. I was doubting my tests but it the results seem to confirm each other.
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    Recommendations for in-ground SWG

    I installed a Circupool Si 40 about a month ago and have no regrets. Nice to have a steady of concentration of chlorine and not dealing with all the jugs of expensive chlorine. I chose the Si 40 since it was competitive in price, had a good warranty, and seemed to be a pretty generic unit that...
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    Help wiring relay for SWG control

    I have been struggling with how to hook up a planned SWCG to my system that has a VS pump with no external timer. The time solution does not seem fail safe since if the pump were to fault, the SWCG would still run. Your solution seems to be the best. Can you provide pictures of your final...
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    Salt Water System Installation

    20k gallons. Will go with a 40k unit.
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    Salt Water System Installation

    I have a 20k gal vinyl pool with a Pentair Superflo VS pump. Looking at Circupool RJ45-45 Plus, Hayward AQR15, or Pureline PL7707. Any strong recommendations? Any insight as to when there are the best end of season prices? I would like to avoid adding a timer (I use the one built into the pump)...
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    Mustard Algae type 2

    I seem to be having a similar problem and will start a slam. Would Mustard Algae cause high PH levels? My PH rises from 7.4 to 8.0 in 2 days.
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    Noisy Hayward Super Pump 2 Speed

    Its only 5 months old!