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    Run with No Filter Grid

    Good link! Thank you... One note, however. I don't know if any of those ideas will actually stop the "Leafs" (a Canadian Hockey team) but they will do well to stop "leaves" from clogging the skimmer. :LOL:
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    Overnight Freezes On The Way

    The light does wonders at keeping it warm. We have two 60 watt bulbs in our tented pad and it keeps it a good 6-8 degrees warmer than the ambient air. There is an extensive post about PVC and freezing temps that is worth the time needed to read...
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    Hayward OmniLogic Freeze Protect

    This...disable the freeze protect, at least until you get it figured out.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    We're "back up" to 51, but still too cold to jump in. I debated running the heater, but looks like we are in for quite a bit of rain (and COLD) the next couple of days, so I can't justify running the heater for 10 hours for just a few hours of use. I am ready for the next pool season already!
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    Austin, TX - Above Ground Salt Water Pool in Canyon - Construction Started 09/30/19

    Don't feel bad on the price. Our neighbor just finished their "Epic" pool and just from the guestimates on the pulled permits, they are spending just about as much (if not more) as the house by itself is worth. If they were to sell, they would take a huge hit on the pool, but they say they are...
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    Wireless thermometer

    Ha! I know it's not funny, but they do work pretty darn well. What someone does with the information, well that's on them. There is a lot more to determining if the HVAC system is working correctly than just taking a couple of temperature readings. :)
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    Wireless thermometer

    $12 for the win. You can test it from quite the distance, too. I have found that it's within a degree or two of my automation and old school submersible thermometer...
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    New Device - WaterGuru

    I am curious about this product. It seems like a couple users here are happy with it and the testing seems to be pretty accurate. I am curious about the PH reading though...does it ever need to be calibrated like the traditional PH meters? It seems like it works in the same manner so I would...
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    Lazy, so I need a once-a-week thing to maintain a pool.

    Robot for brushing. Outside of brushing the steps/sun ledge that the robot can't get to...I don't brush the pool. Also, once you get used to the chemistry of your pool, testing should be minimal...I do mine about once a week. I also only add chlorine every couple or three days.
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    In-ground pool drain tips

    How high is the CYA? When we bought our house, the previous owner only used pucks and our CYA was 90. Yes, it took a lot of chlorine, but we didn't drain it. Over the period of several months, the natural water exchange (evaporation and rain and topping off during the summer) it's down to 50 (it...
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    Wondering about cost of heating pool

    I think it would be very expensive to keep it warm all winter long. We have a pool a bit smaller than yours and a large heater. Natural gas rates in Oklahoma are pretty reasonable (currently about $4.00 per dekatherm) which has equated to about $1.60 per hour to run the heater. In the warmer...
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    Please use eye protection (goggles) when adding Muratic Acid

    I do, along with wearing crazy long gloves when I handle it. I value my eyes and I have ZERO desire to get that Crud in them. Plenty of wind in Oklahoma, so the risk is higher than some less windy places.
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    So good are we bored yet?

    We are coming up on the first anniversary of pool ownership and TFP has been the absolute key to making this an enjoyable addition to our life. As a kid, I *loved* visiting family a couple hours away that had a pool; I still have vivid memories of how fun it was. Or when I got invited to the...
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    Retaining wall costs

    I see some Lake Lawtonka back there... :) Wife's family owns a bit of land that abuts the refuge; it's our little getaway when we need a break from the "big city life" of OKC. OP...price sounds about right for my neck of the woods, too. Before we bought this house, we were going to custom...
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    Outdoor a true outdoor model necessary?

    Is his name Cousin Eddie? :)