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    Pool companies telling me I don't want salt water pool

    When we bought our house, the pool was already installed and had a UV system. I found that it was actually useful, though... How you ask? Well, when I installed my SWCG, I didn't have to drill into the brick to mount the controller, I was able to use the existing holes from where the USELESS UV...
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    How do you figure needed depth for a grotto that people will jump off of ??

    Good info! Our neighbor has a "mega pool" (like you would see on the TV shows) and they have a large grotto and it's 9' deep at that point. They have said that it is a good depth and wouldn't want it any deeper since that makes cleaning a little more of a chore. Here are a couple of pictures...
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    SWG run time calculations assistance

    It does sound like you have an issue with it. Your description of the fog/bubbles/etc. and your voltage/amps is EXACTLY what I am seeing with my RJ60+. I am running it at 60% for 6 hours a day (split into two cycles... 9p-midnight and 9a-noon) and it's holding right at 7 PPM (which is a little...
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    mouse in the plumbing!

    Not that I am a fan of rodents, but a couple of frog logs can really help alleviate these "creature" incidences.
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    Which SWG to buy?

    I would buy the largest one you feel comfortable with budget wise. I bought an RJ-60 and have found that running at 75% for 6 hours a day is plenty enough for our pretty brutal summers. A smaller one would be a little cheaper, but would require running it longer.
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    Polaris 280 power suck - 3 hours?

    And they are quite noisy this year! I stepped on the remains of one yesterday and you would have thought I broke a huge plate of glass as loud as it crunched.
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    Polaris 280 power suck - 3 hours?

    I guess it's no wonder so many people are escaping from CA! Those numbers are crazy to me...especially the electric rates. Our 3600 KwH use last month would be over $1,000!!! Granted, my wife and I work from home and I like a nice cool house, so we do use quite a bit of electricity...but still!
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    Mountain Lion takes a swim!

    Wow. That would make for an exciting day. I often see squirrels hanging over the edge to get a drink, but so far, that's the only wildlife we have had to deal with. Too bad you don't have a video link, that would be cool to see!
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    Hows your water doin?

    A.OK around these parts. Just took a morning dip before the rain and it was fantastic!!! :)
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    Why CYA so high for SWG?

    I installed a SWCG about two weeks ago and I have already noticed that my chlorine consumption is down by 2-3 PPM a day. I attribute this to the increased CYA which in turn keeps the FC from burning off so quickly. I was running CYA around 30-40 non-SWCG but have bumped it to 70 with the SWCG.
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    Salt level in non-SWCG pools

    I checked mine before installing the SWCG and the level was pretty minimal. Between 200-400 PPM if that much. Same water for several years (outside of evaporation/rain/etc).
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    Voltage in the Pool

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread. I don't consider a day complete in my life if I don't learn something new...and this thread has really gone above and beyond that today! TFP is a fantastic place!
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    New plumbing pressure

    You know...I see so many of these posts where a PB says, "It's all good!!" when in fact it isn't. I have decided that if I started a PB company and ran it the way it *should* be ran...I would be a very rich man.
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    SWG run time calculations assistance

    AH, gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.
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    SWG run time calculations assistance

    How are you testing? Those numbers don't seem to be from a TFP recommended testing method.