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    Tank Body Hairline Crack

    My Challenger pump housing developed a crack a couple of summers ago. Attempts to seal it from the outside failed. I was finally able to stop the leak from the inside. I sanded the crack area to bare fiberglass and then covered it with a strip of fiberglass cloth saturated with JB Weld epoxy...
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    Freeze protection

    The booster pump doesn't have to run. The main pump pushes enough water through the booster pump to keep it from freezing. My freeze protection is only wired to the main pump. I also leave my Polaris in the pool year round and let it do it's thing. Keeps the pool looking good all the time. :)
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    I left the fill line on ... AGAIN

    Put one of these on your fill hose: ... B00176FFJC Dial in how many gallons you want and then it will turn itself off afterwards. :)
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    How to fix a cracked pump housing

    I had a crack in my pump housing and fixed it with JB Weld AND a strip of fiberglass cloth on the inside of the housing. I applied a bit of JB Weld around the crack (after carefully sanding off the white "crust" on the inside of the pump housing) and then laid the fiberglass strip in place...
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    Replace or keep a Polaris 280?

    I have a 280 and oak trees, just north of Austin. The 280 does a fine job of cleaning, until the bag is stuffed full. This time of year that can happen in less than an hour on a windy day. :( Most of the year it keeps the bottom of our pool pretty much spotless. When the leaves and oak...
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    Liquid filled pressure gauge! Inexpensive!!!! 8.19 (9/12/13)

    Re: Liquid filled pressure gauge! Inexpensive!!!! SALE $7.99 Decided I would like to get one of these for my filter. But they add nearly $12 for shipping ONE gauge? :( I suppose I'll see what's available locally first.
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    Questions about heating our pool once - is it worth it?

    Your cost calculation doesn't account for the heat that is being lost to the ground and air during the heating process. :( My sister has a 13K gallon pool just outside Austin. Her gas bill goes up by about $50 for heating the pool for one day. :shock: But yes, the kids love it!
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    Liquid filled pressure gauge! Inexpensive!!!! 8.19 (9/12/13)

    Re: Liquid filled pressure gauge! Inexpensive!!!! SALE $7.99 For an extra dollar you could get the 2.5-inch gauge with a center-back mount: ... pb254b.htm :)
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    Help: Need to shut off Pool Autofill

    See that fitting hiding under the water in your pic? It's just below the white lever. That is the overflow outlet (if your pool is plumbed to use that spot as the overflow). Mine has a standpipe there. It's just a piece of PVC pipe, stuck into that fitting, that extends an inch or two above...
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    newbie closing pool in Houston

    Open the pump timer box and see if you have a freeze protection control inside. I'm near Austin and leave my pool open year round. My timer has the freeze protection thermostat that turns the pump on any time the temp is below about 35 degrees. After 5 winters here the plumbing is still doing...
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    Help! Accidentally cut line from aquapure box to cell....

    Re: Help! Accidentally cut line from aquapure box to cell.. And perhaps ask them to put the wire inside a piece of conduit so that it is better protected from unruly lawn care implements of destruction. ;)
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    Advice on heating my water

    Every gov't solar rebate that I've ever seen specifically states that it does NOT cover pool heaters. :( It's OK for pool owners to PAY taxes but we aren't allowed to benefit from them... ;)
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    Water restrictions -no filling pool!!!

    Capture water that is normally wasted and put it in the pool. Like when you let the shower run until the hot water gets to the shower head... Run that into a 5-gallon bucket and then empty it into the pool. :)
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    How long do you run your cleaner?

    90-minutes keeps mine looking great any time other than when the leaves are raining from the sky.
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    5 yr. cost estimate? and polaris vs. robot opinions?

    Hi Dianne, I'm just a short drive up 35 from Austin, in Georgetown. The Polaris 280 seems to be THE pool cleaner for this area. Everyone that I know with a pool around here has a Polaris 280 keeping it clean. I also have Oak trees near the pool, so I will tell you that during leaf-falling...