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    Pentair IntelliCenter Installed for 19 year old pool

    Two days ago I had a Pentair IntelliCenter installed. I had considered an IntelliTouch thinking the Intellicenter would be a huge price jump. The price difference was low enough that the IntelliCenter was an obvious choice. Luckily my long time pool maintenance contractor had just been to...
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    Paddock pool ready for some automation update.

    Glad to join these forums. Great information. Located in the sunny Phoenix area. Plan to go with Pentair automation and have found lots of helpful information here.
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    Pentair IntelliCenter Questions

    Moved from here Pentair IntelliCenter Review - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Hi and thanks for all the information. I've read through the entire thread. My pool is about 19 years old in the sunny Phoenix area. I have a 12,000 gallon Paddock pool. The equipment is a waterfall that does not have...