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    16X48 Ultra Frame Intex Pool Filter Upgrade

    I use zeobryte (same as zeosand) in my filter. The only reason I used that was because I couldn't find any sand to buy!! It works perfectly, but I do think sand is sufficient. I initially had the same problem with the zeodust. I think it needed a much longer backwash than I gave it (i backwashed...
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    New pool test results

    Same here. I initially used the same kit, and when I did get my TF-100, I found that the pH and chlorine tests matched quite well. GC
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    Major's first swimming pool, getting the chemistry right. (Hopefully)

    Uh, I don't think you need us!!! I'll contact you when I need your assistance sir. GC
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    Green pool

    Ok. First of all, welcome!! Second of all you really need to get a proper test kit. I highly recommend this one: as will most others on this site. 1800 gallons is a small pool, which right now is to your advantage. There is a SLAM process that you need to follow, and it can be...
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    Need to add 111 oz (by wt.) baking soda -- seems like a lot.

    If you are following TFP recommendations, disregard any other recommendations (FC levels, TA levels, etc.) You can't do both. But it seems that you have that figured out by now! As for the TA, my TA usually sits around 100 (that's above suggested levels), but my pH level stays locked on 7.6...
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    Added Borates to my pool, now FC reads zero

    Your water would not necessarily be murky, you may not be able to visually detect that there is a problem. Follow what domtc203 said in the above post. It's not impossible to maintain your pool with a high CYA level, but it sure is troublesome enough! Either way you need an accurate CYA...
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    5 Way Test results. Help, please!

    Hi eanik, and welcome!! Just wanted you to know that I learned how to maintain my pool using TFP methods with the same pool as you have. First 2 years were a disaster until I found this site. So you're 2 years ahead of me in that regard!! Also, my daugher has exzema, and she goes through...
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    Major's first swimming pool, getting the chemistry right. (Hopefully)

    I always added MA in increments as well until I figured the pool volume out correctly. Now I just add it all at one time. For example when I add Borax every year I have to add a ton of MA. I dump the borax in, then I dump the MA in. It's always done as expected. But this can't be done if he's...
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    Major's first swimming pool, getting the chemistry right. (Hopefully)

    First of all, welcome, and great job on your homework. You must have been a great student!! :) It seems you have your water volume pretty well dead on, so that allows you to plug your numbers into Pool Math and go ahead and add. Add the MA, wait half an hour to let it mix, then add the...
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    Clear green tint

    He'll owe you a drink !!
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    High Pressure Low Output (with a twist)

    I find it hard to determine clear water from dirty water in my sight glass. Anytime I backwash the water in the sight glass looks clear to me. But I have a small sight glass, so that would make it hard to determine as well. I asked the OP for a FC measurement but only heard back that it was...
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    New Pool Owner. Cloudiness. Need help in slamming process. Have Taylor kit results

    The above post on deep cleaning your sand filter is a great suggestion. Also, for your FYI, you need not change the sand in your filter. I'm mentioning this because you stated you replaced the sand. Of course it's no harm, but unnecessary. DON'T DO IT AGAIN! :) GC
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    Clear green tint

    That's a cool story! This site is awesome. I have 2 friends with pools that just refuse to use the TFP method. They have issues every season. And the hardest blow to one Dad was when his son jumped into my pool and shouted "THIS IS THE BEST WATER EVER!!". I could see his father wasn't too happy...
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    Have automatic chlorine generator on high, but FC is almost always zero

    Why would you even think that zero FC is ok? Even if it's clear at zero FC, I guarantee you that it won't be for long. Even at 2 or 3, I'm expecting an algae bloom because of what I am guessing is a CYA level of at least 40. That's a pure guess based on what you say you've added to your pool...
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    Making Sure

    Had to SLAM a friend's pool a couple of years ago. We took a 10 foot rod and marked it every 6 inches. It worked really well to determine how much clearer the water was getting each day. As kimkats said, it's difficult if not darn near impossible to notice slight color changes. Dip the rod in...