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    Detroit-area service recommendation?

    I get that and I do everything else myself, but blowing out pipes and winterizing is out of my skill set currently.
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    Best fill material for flex PVC repair? Gravel, sand, dirt?

    I had to dig up and replace a section of flexible PVC return line that had collapsed and pinched on top a rigid line. Hole is about 2'x2' and 18" deep. Should I just toss the dirt back in there or is sand or pea gravel better?
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    Detroit-area service recommendation?

    We fired our Pool Service and need another company to do open/closing. Any recommendations? We live in Grosse Pointe Park. . . Thanks!
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    Flexible PVC crushed - repair help pls!

    It's flexible PVC for sure, but it's been buried for probably a couple decades, so it's pretty hard now.
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    Flexible PVC crushed - repair help pls!

    Hi all, My return line is crushed. It's flex PVC and can (obviously) be seen at the top of the first photo. The geniuses who installed the pool (~35 years ago) ran the flex directly on top of rigid and over time, collapsed and pinched the return. I got new flex to continue the run 3.5 feet to...
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    High PSI, low flow, help needed!

    Hi all - long-time lurker, first post. I have a 20,000-gallon in-ground pool. Starting a couple weeks ago, my pressure jumped up to 32psi and the flow from the skimmers and drain crawled to probably half. I have disassembled the filter and run it without the cartridges and got the same reading...