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    Pentair 1.5hp Superflo Variable Speed

    I just wantEd to make sure my setup is fine for what I have in my pool. I posted some pics as requestEd from another post to gain more perspective. If everything looks good then I am content.
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    Pentair 1.5hp Superflo Variable Speed

    Hello, I am new to pools and I’d like for some to look at my equipment setup and provide me with opinion/feedback. I have 4 pumps: pool/spa, water sheers, 3 bubblers, and the last is a booster for the extra 7 jets in the spa. I told my plumber that I‘d like to control each feature by its own...
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    Pentair 1.5hp Superflo Variable Speed

    Thank you for the feedback. It is a Superflo VST. The pump is the 2nd from the left. The plumber put this in about a week ago.
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    Pentair 1.5hp Superflo Variable Speed

    Hello, my plumber installed 4 pumps and one of them he hooked up was this pump for 3 bubblers. Is this okay or is it overkill? I guess the benefit is adjusting the speed of the flow rate by my phone? Thanks