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    OmniLogic Firmware R3.2.0 Update!

    I will try deleting my schedules and see what happens. But I cant even turn on heater. It appears on, but nothing happens.
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    OmniLogic Firmware R3.2.0 Update!

    Anyone experiencing an issue after the latest firmware update where the heater, some actuators not working. Also, seems my MPP isn't showing up anymore. I did a firmware update on the MSP, MPP and the wired Wallmount. All showed successful. Now, seems there are issues. I tried uploading my...
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    New Jersey Here....

    Hi All... new to the site. I've been around pools most of my life and love having a pool. My current pool is an in ground saltwater vinyl pool. What brings me to this site? For starters, I have all Hayward products and find that being in New Jersey its hard to find service guys that know a...