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    I thought I was doing Ok until ...

    I’d keep a few for when you’re away on vacation. With there being a shortage, try selling on FB Marketplace. Most places are sold out due to the current shortage of pucks. The previous owner had left almost 30 pucks and I have only used a handful. Comes in handy just to keep the pool dialed in.
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    I thought I was doing Ok until ...

    While it is not recommended, with your CYA at 80, you can still work with what you have. Just add more Liquid Chlorine to keep your FC at the ideal level. You don’t necessarily have to drain and refill your pool especially if you are under water restrictions. I had a high CYA but didn’t...
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    I thought I was doing Ok until ...

    FC is the most important measurement. You want the FC to be at the level of your CYA. Once you use Pool Math app, you can log your results. You don’t need to test TC. I just spot check CC every so often to ensure there is nothing eating the FC. TC = FC + CC
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    I thought I was doing Ok until ...

    You’d want it to be <1ppm. If it is higher you might have some Algae bloom. Please review the links provided (ABC of Pool Chemistry, etc.) it will explain what combined chlorine (CC) is in more detail. ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.
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    Heavy Rain and SWG

    I live in Austin as well and have my salinity to 3100 ppm. It doesn’t seem to have dropped much from all the rain as of yet. Have you tested what your chlorine levels are using a TFP testing kit? Also have you tested salinity using the K-1766 kit? I agree with the post above, don’t add salt...
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    I added salt and the AquaRite says the salinity dropped

    The pros here at TFP will recommend you testing with a salt test kit (K-1766) for an accurate reading of the salinity. I would start there to confirm your salt levels are accurate before adding any more salt.
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    SWCG in Spa

    Hi TFP, I have a SWCG that is on the pool return side. I have shared the pool equipment configuration. Since the chlorine is being generated into the pool, what do I do when I use the spa mode? Do I chlorinate with liquid chlorine afterwards to make up for no chlorine generated in that time?
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    Water getting greener after opening

    You won’t be able to reach SLAM levels with pucks. There are a lot of additives that over time might cause you to drain and refill the pool.
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    Water getting greener after opening

    Home Depot has muriatic acid in 2 gallon packs next to their chlorine. Their liquid chlorine is Pool essentials brand which is 10% sodium hypochlorite and it comes in a pack of 4 gallons.
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    New homeowner that came with a pool. Just getting started and need advice/direction

    That was pretty much my situation. Pool service I had relied on used pucks and the chemical readings were pretty far off thus making my pool cloudy. I got the pool under control using TFP SLAM process with Liquid Chlorine. My SLAM lasted a good 5 days and I was exhausted having to check on the...
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    SWCG previously installed but currently disabled

    I was curious how much chlorine is created with the salt cell so I ran a test. OCLT: 7:30pm FC = 5.5 ppm 7:30am FC = 5ppm No significant loss in chlorine overnight (yay!) ran the pump from 9am - 4:30pm at 60% output 6:30pm FC = 6.5ppm The cya is currently at 60ppm, should I look to...
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    Greetings from North Austin Texas

    Welcome! I’m from Austin as well and very new to pool ownership. Purchased a home last year with an in ground pool and recently started maintaining it myself with the help from TFP.
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    SWCG previously installed but currently disabled

    Sweet! Excited to get this SWCG running! Here’s hoping to fewer bleached clothes!
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    SWCG previously installed but currently disabled

    I added 160 lbs of pool salt and brushed it throughout a number of times and left the pump running (with the SWCG off). After a few hours I wanted to test the salinity using K-1766 Test and confirm that my controller was also picking it up. I had received a reading of 2600 ppm on both (Salt...