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    1st time Testing. TFP Newbie

    Hey everyone, the pool has been going great so far. Just converted to Salt on Tuesday. I was at 35 on the CYA I added 1lb and it is now at 50 3days later. I will add another 1 bag and that should make it 65. Current levels - FC 1 (Salt cell was at 20% only I just bumped it up to 60%) and added...
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    1st time Testing. TFP Newbie

    We have metal ladders. Wish I seeked more info here instead of the pool company and some YouTube videos.
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    1st time Testing. TFP Newbie

    I was told by the pool store certain PH levels hurt the Heater. Had a zinc anode installed yesterday too, they were out of stock when they installed the IC60 SWG. I see bubbles coming out of my returns now. They are larger than the ammonia bubbles. Not sure if it air that was trapped when they...
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    1st time Testing. TFP Newbie

    Forgot to ask when is it safe to turn my heater on?
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    M600/Active 60

    Still no email reply. Yesterday the bot had an update that took over 24 hours to install, kept saying upgrading firmware. After the 24 hours I hit the power button and it reset and was ready to go. Here is the history showing the crazy 900+hours before I even owned it.
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    1st time Testing. TFP Newbie

    We finally did it, last night at midnight it was 11.0 and this morning at 8am it was 10.0!!! Didn't think it was going to hold, we had some rain last night and there were leaves in the pool. Going to test after lunch for CC. If that passes, what are my next steps? Think TA and PH test and throw...
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    1st time Testing. TFP Newbie

    Across the whole pool Deep end 10'+
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    M600/Active 60

    It is completing its cycles now regularly, but it still leaves the pool not fully cleaned. I manually controlled the bot and picked up the sediment(took about 45 mins). It took a while because the bot shutting down on its own and getting error messages. I screen grabbed one to show. Yes the blue...