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    Is this pH rise normal?

    Hello all, Due to all the great help on this website, I just finished the easiest/most stress-free summer of pool ownership I've had. Yay! As I get ready to close, I do have one question about my pH. I spent the first half of the summer running constant tests, then used that information to...
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    Is my pool leaking? Need some advice ASAP.

    It figures that just as I figure out how to properly clean & maintain my pool, something else would happen... Here in Michigan, the weather has been somewhat hot, sunny and dry. Last weekend, the wife and I added some water to our pool (not unusual at all), then did a full vacuuming. After...
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    Should I be shocking my pool at regular intervals?

    Hello all, Earlier this year, I posted some issues I was having with algae, and everyone gave me great advice - I did a SLAM and it took care of everything, have had no issues since (about 4-5 weeks). However, today I noticed a bit more stuff on the bottom than usual. I did a quick vacuum...
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    Today's Dumb Question - Best Process for adding liquid chlorine?

    Hello all, Now that my pool is sparkling clean, I want to make sure it stays that way. Due to high CYA, I'm not going to use the chlorine tablets but instead add liquid to maintain my level. My question is, what is the best way for doing that? I read through all of the stuff on Pool School...
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    Vacuum Hose/Plate Issue

    Interesting about it being a Hayward - I was certain everything was Hayward but anything I tried (note: I did NOT try the basket listed above) didn't fit, and when I found the skimmer top cover and it said Season Master, I thought I was set. Are Season Master & Hayward related somehow? I did...
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    Vacuum Hose/Plate Issue

    Hello all, Since I bought my current house, my wife and I have been muddling along in terms of our vacuum setup - the pool and skimmer are old and we didn't have most of the parts. We did have the basket, but of course it was brittle and broke during our first year. Since then, we've been...
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    Why so much dirt at the bottom?

    Actually, I was wrong - it's not 4' deep, the water level is at 41". The calculator I used says that's about 13,340 gallons.
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    Why so much dirt at the bottom?

    Pool was vacuumed yesterday, today there is minimal stuff on the bottom. Going to run the SLAM until tomorrow just to make sure. Thanks for all the advice. One more question, not sure if this should be here or a new thread...should I be adding anything (other than chlorine) to prevent algae...
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    Why so much dirt at the bottom?

    Here are more pictures, with the ladder at the bottom. It's windy out so the water is rippling quite a bit, not sure how helpful these will be. I turned the pump off to take them, but it didn't help much. It's been raining on and off all day, with brief periods of sun but mostly cloudy. I'm...
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    Why so much dirt at the bottom?

    I live in Michigan, so far this year sunlight has just been a rumor. :rolleyes: Raining/overcast again today. But point taken. Here are some pictures. In the last one, you can sort of see some small spots of "stuff" on the bottom. And this brings up another issue I have - our vacuum sort...
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    Why so much dirt at the bottom?

    A quick update, and a couple of questions. When I first started the SLAM, the pool was disgusting and took me a long time to vacuum. Yesterday, it wasn't nearly as bad and was vacuumed pretty quickly. I checked this morning, there is hardly anything in there. Yay! At 8:30 PM last night, my...
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    What cleaning robot to buy?

    I've been doing some research and it seems like the dolphin (not sure which model, though) is the highest rated/recommended. Any others I should consider for an above ground, oval pool? If the dolphin is the best, which model? Also, any info on how long these things typically last? I found a...
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    Why so much dirt at the bottom?

    I'm using a Taylor test kit. It's pretty robust and got the best reviews when I was looking - is there something else I should be using? Yes, using 10 mL. Yes, I think there were tablets in there - I removed our floating device that administers them, but my wife had put one in the strainer...