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    Algae HELP!

    If you are still having a problem with a green pool with extended periods of high FC levels and it doesn't seem to be getting better, maybe check for iron? I had our dark green pool at 20+ FC for a week, did an overnight loss test and passed. I was at the point that I was considering we had...
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    Ascorbic acid treatment question

    Thanks so much, Jason! I decided that I would wait until the kiddos are out of town for a week to do the treatment. Don't want to cause any drama by having the pool out of commision while they are here! Thanks again for your help!
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    Ascorbic acid treatment question

    Hello again, all! I have metal staining in my pool and am going to do an ascorbic acid treatment to clean it up. My question is when is it safe to get back in the pool? My guess is when the water starts holding a cholorine level again, but my hope is that it is after adding the sequestering...
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    Ca hardness and plasticizers

    OK, sorry if this is a no-brainer, but I just have to make sure. A fellow swimteam mom who works for a pool store told me that hardness is important for vinyl pools for maintenance of the plasticizers in the vinyl. Since I had to take both parts of organic chemistry twice :oops:, I don't have...
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    A Cheap Pool Cooler for the end of Summer

    Oops! Didn't mean to push you over the edge, there, Duraleigh! I can be a stinker like that sometimes; always looking for a bargain. I am also a little jealous; my husband much prefers golf and fishing to home/yard/pool projects. I have to get a little :rant: to get him to get stuff done...
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    Unusual Chlorine Demand -- Peeing in the Pool

    *wipes aspirated tea from monitor* :lol: Well, at least she is honest! I guess I can sympathize; have you ever tried to wriggle out of a woman's wet bathing suit? And then getting back into the darn thing?? Yoga masters would find it tough. I won't complain about my kids peeing in the...
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    A Cheap Pool Cooler for the end of Summer

    Love it! Can you make these a BOGO with the test kit? :wink: Our pool temp hasn't gone below 91 for two weeks, I may have to see if I can rig something like this! Take care!
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    I, too encounter this problem! I was sure it was mustard algae...but in my case, it's not. I brought my pool FC up to 24 one night to start treating it. The next morning when I tested, I had not lost any FC and never had any CC, either. I was able to collect a sample of the stuff and it...
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    Adsense - ads by Google

    Popping back in to add my $.02...the ads don't bother me at all. I actually didn't really notice them until I found this thread. I do agree with staying away from pop-ups...that 'running into a wall' sound my pop-up blocker makes drives me nuts! :lol:
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    TF Test Kits are back in stock!!

    Just wanted to pop in and let you know I received my test kit today...YIPPEEE!! I just got home and it's already dark, so I can't test the pool just yet. My husband now thinks I am a complete nerd because I was so excited and poring through the instructions/reagents like a little kid on...
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    South Carolina here

    Hi and welcome from a fellow Boiling Springs-ite! Small world, eh?
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    1st time opening - help please?

    Hi Raven! Aaahhh, Canada, my homeland! I miss the beauty and cleanliness, but I must say the weather here in South Carolina is much more conducive to swimming. I am fairly positive that the sand is 10 years old. The original owners of the house put in the pool in 1997; the people that owned...
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    Hello, all! My husband and I bought our house in September of last year and were thrilled to have a pool in our own backyard. We have 3 kids who absolutely love to be in the water. Sounds ideal, huh? Fast forward to late March and off came the pool cover...ok, and out came the pool...
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    1st time opening - help please?

    Just wanted to update: I CAN SEE THE BOTTOM OF THE POOL!!!! :-D We actually turned the pump off yesterday after showing stable FC readings of 20 ppm. Most of the gunk suspended in the water settled to the bottom and I just vacuumed to waste...the water is BLUE! I am currently refilling the...
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    1st time opening - help please?

    Thanks for the reassurance! It's hard to remain confident in what you are doing when most people think you're nuts. I've just tested the water this morning and the hubby is vacuuming as I type. Here are our numbers: Cl 15 pH 7 TA 190 CH 500 CYA 95 I had tri-chlor pucks in a floater in the...