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    Pump Shutting Down (Pump Shudder)

    So maybe the switch is defective? Is it just a matter of replacing the switch then? A trip to Home Depot to pick one up and I can swap it in? Shutting all the power off, of course.
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    Pump Shutting Down (Pump Shudder)

    Yes, it was in the “on position” but not fully. Almost like a circuit breaker that has been partially tripped. A slight touch up and it kicks back on. That is the way I have been finding it when it shuts down on its own.
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    Pump Shutting Down (Pump Shudder)

    Okay James, thank you. 🙏
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    Pump Shutting Down (Pump Shudder)

    Thanks James. Can you tell me what you think is happening in the first YouTube video I posted? The switch is in the off position and when I move it to the on position the first couple of times, the motor does not kick in. On the third attempt it kicks in. You can also see the copper wire that...
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    Pump Shutting Down (Pump Shudder)

    Hi James, I added a Pentair IC40 and a Raypak 266 Electronic gas heater. My pump has now been “bonded” (I think that’s the correct term) to the switch that you see in one of the pictures. The electrician told me that it is now code to have the equipment bonded together. I posted two links to...
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    Pump Shutting Down (Pump Shudder)

    Hi everyone, I just had some pool upgrades done on Thursday, June 10th and am now experiencing some problems with my pool equipment shutting down somewhat randomly. The issue seems to have...
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    Pump Shutting Down (Pump Shudder)

    problem described in detail below.
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    SWG Recommendations? What are the pros and cons of the various options?

    Thanks for the information. It seems like many people are happy with the Pentair Intellichlor IC40). I should have more accurately explained in my original question that the power supply is $700 and the cell is $1000 when you need to replace it. The Pentair option comes with a 3 year warranty...
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    SWG Recommendations? What are the pros and cons of the various options?

    Hi everyone, I am looking at having a SWG installed in a couple of weeks when I replace my gas heater (with a Raypak 266 electronic). I have been told by the pool tech that I can go with either of the following options: 1. Aquapure PLC1400 (price unknown at this point) 2. TrueClear (price...
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    Where do you buy large quantities of baking soda in Canada?

    I usually find it at the Dollar store for $1 per 500g box.
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    Test Questions

    Ok TS, thank you. It seems from the chart on CYA & FC levels that if my CYA is around 40, then my minimum FC level is 3 and my target is 5. I'll try to keep those levels as I test daily over the next week or so.