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    Backwashing DE without a backwash setting on my valves?

    Hi all, recently got my pool redone including new plumbing/filter/pump. I think it's time to backwash my Pentair QuadDE 60, but I don't have one of those wonderful valves with a dedicated "backwash" setting, which seems to be what's shown in all the stuff I've read so far. I've attached photos...
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    SLAM plan

    Okeedoke. Things are looking good. I can't see any green in the water, and the build-up on the pebble is much thinner and less discolored. Definitely cloudy, but thinks are looking clearer especially at the shallow end. I think I'll try an OCLT tonight and see if we're set on chlorine. If the...
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    SLAM plan

    Really appreciate all the info. Thank you. Any suggestions on what speed to keep my pump running at? I think it idles at 1000 when it isn't doing an hour or two of 3250 every day.
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    SLAM plan

    Thanks all! Could this be the most genuinely helpful community on the internet? It seems like it might be. - proavia: Pool was finally all done at the end of July. Yeah, using tap water, and we have an in-ground automatic filler with a float to regulate it. - Newdude: Haha, thanks! Literally...
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    SLAM plan

    Thanks Maddie! I'm using the TF-100 kit. PoolMath gave me the calculations for CYA and CH, so I'll grab some stuff and we'll get going on the SLAM! Really appreciate the help.
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    SLAM plan

    Hi all, just had my pool totally redone (plumbing, pebbletec, filter and pump), and I got lazy with my chlorine and now it's green. Since some of my test results are weird, I wanted to check before I SLAMmed. My CYA is very low, so would like some advice before I start. 15,000 gal pool -...