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    Accidentally sent DE into the pool

    This was the route I ended up taking. My pool builder happened to be coming by yesterday to look at my filter and he recommended the same thing -- brush frequently and keep the filter running to clean out the remaining DE. We took the filter apart yesterday, cleaned it (it was long overdue)...
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    Accidentally sent DE into the pool

    I backwashed my filter this evening and put about 5 pounds of DE into the skimmer. While still by the pool, my son came outside, so I asked him to turn the pump back on. I forgot that the push/pull valve was still in backwash mode. It wasn't until about 2 minutes later that I realized my...
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    Getting started - Buy new test kit or replace reagents in existing kit?

    Hello, I am taking over handling the chemicals for my pool after using a pool service for several years. The pool is in decent shape -- it's not green -- but I'm definitely fighting a little bit of algae. Tests at Leslie's have continually showed almost 0 FC and shocking hasn't helped...