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    Advice on what pump to get

    Thanks jbizzlle I had read about the 2 speed helping with cost cutting, but was wondering if there is other reasons to get a 2 speed. Thanks again fixit
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    Advice on what pump to get

    Hey guys, I have a doughboy pool with the doughboy filter and 1hp pump. My pump went bad and I need to buy a new one. I don't want another Doughboy pump. The pump it has is a 1hp pump single speed. Now my fiter ratings are: Model 0-1750-000 Filtering surface 1.4 sq ft Max Pressure 50psi...
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    Excellent Customer service from HASA

    WOW Had a problem with my Liquidator. Called HASA and they are sending parts direct to me. Man I wish other companies had the same excellent customer service as that company does. No questions asked, just, "sure we will send the part to you no problem". Actually the person told me there were...
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    Sundance spa heater wont shut off

    Hey everyone, I have a Sundance Optima spa in my yard and the heater seems to not shut off. The temp is set at 80 degrees on the control panel but the water tem is at 104 degrees and wont come down at all. Anyone know of a fix for this?
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    TFtest kits and their company are top notch there is none better for sure. I have ordered and used their products for yrs now and have had nothing but good to say about the way they handle their business and their customers.
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    Quick CYA and Pool Calculator Question

    I agree with the above, check before adding any CYA to it. I used pucks in my pool the year before I found this site, and my CYA was way above what it should have been. I think my CYA was around 100 at that time. I just lived with it until I drained alot of the water out in the fall for...
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    to shock or not to shock that is the question

    Thanks dmanb, I was thinking the same thing. Last year I opened and it was cloudy so I shocked it and it took a week for the TC to come down low enough to swim in it. I figured I'd try something different this year and see if I could just leave it and do an overnight FC test on it. There is a...
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    to shock or not to shock that is the question

    Well I opened my pool finally today, 80 degrees and I couldnt resist any longer even though we are going to be gone for the long weekend (I was going to wait till after the hoilday weekend) So Im opened and my levels are: FC 7.0 CC 0.5 TC 7.5 PH 7.2 TA 50 Borates 30 Havent checked the CYA yet...
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    Liquidator for sale reduced

    the Liquidator is sold.
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    Liquidator for sale reduced

    Well $125.00 must have been too much so I lowered it down a bit. I have a brand new liquidator for sale. It is the 8 gal. model. I was going to ask $100.00 plus shipping for it. PM me with offers if you think $100.00 is too much :goodjob: Thank you
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    Above ground solar cover reel

    Hi everyone, A quick question. I have an above ground solar cover that is on a reel that is off the pool on two poles. This is the first year I have had it. I planned to keep the solar cover on the reel for the winter. Do I cover the solar cover with a tarp or just leave it uncovered and it...
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    Liquidator adds Cl even when control valve is off?

    Yes I did convert everything over to 3/8 line last year. Yes your right zero is zero but I thought maybe a little got by.
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    Liquidator adds Cl even when control valve is off?

    Hi John, Thanks for the quick reply, I have both check valves on each side and did modify it to the 3/8" line too. It must be because it is cooler here still (in the 60's and 75 is few and far between this year so far, its usually close to 80 this time of year, so much for global...
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    Liquidator adds Cl even when control valve is off?

    I was wondering anyone know if when the control valve for the LQ is off and the flowmeter is showing no flow at all, does the LQ still add Cl into the pool? Brian
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    So you want to add borates to your pool--Why and How

    I added borates to my pool last year, it was algae free all year long and in the fall I added a quart of polyquat algae preventer, shocked it and covered it. In spring when the thaw came I dumped 2 gallons of bleach under the cover, then every few weeks did the same till I opened it two weeks...