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    CSI calculation in pool math

    Interesting idea about the units. When I put in 85 farenheit I get the numbers I showed you. I swapped it to Celsius and put in 29 and got .07 I think the app isnt actually changing the units for some reason as putting in 85 Celsius gives me the same 0.66 as 85 farenheit. Wish I had tried...
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    CSI calculation in pool math

    Wondering if the CSI calculation in the pool math app is correct? When I use the old pool pal app or the online pool calculator, I get a much better CSI with identical numbers
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    Clean opening after perfect closing

    Had the winter cover on from the last weekend in September until yesterday. Water temperature was 45f when I closed and 47f when I opened. To close brought chlorine up to shock level and added 40% polyquat algaecide. Made sure all the other numbers were balanced. There's still chlorine in...
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    Poor Mr. Squirrel! Now what?

    Scoop it out. If it's not 'leaking' or melted, raise your chlorine a little. If you still have FC, the Chlorine in your pool already took care of it If it is leaky or melted, raise to shock level (20ppm FC for cya of 50), and run your pump and filter for 24 hours on high to skim out any bits...
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    SLAM dunk!

    Only thing to add is: round your cya up to 40 so 5-7 is your target. Never let it drop below 3 or you'll be slamming again.
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    Itchy/dry skin after swimming in pool. Anything help?Hey

    If you find the pool still bothers you with proper pH, you can consider adding salt and/or borates to soften the water.
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    Test strip & bleach

    Re: Test strip & bleach How much have you been putting in? I use about a fluid ounce of bleach a day (30ml). If you're chlorine (from any thing, not just bleach) is too high, it will bleach the test strip and show none . How much solid chlorine were you putting in? If you were following...
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    Take water out of pool and bypass the filter?

    Waste should bypass the filter. If you added the cya 5 days ago, it should be dissolved out of there anyway. Another good reason to hang socks in front of returns instead of in the skimmer basket.
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    Help...Is 7 foot deep enough

    You shouldnt be diving head first (from the deck) into water less than 8 feet deep. Thats regulation (for public pools) in many places, although the Red Cross recommends 9 feet. For a diving board you need to also add in extra 1.5 times height, so if diving board is 1 foot above the pool, you...
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    Looking for guidance to a trouble free pool. Flying blind.

    Just pour one gallon of regular unscented bleach in every day until you get the test kit. Keep it skimmed, brushed, and vacuumed. Once you get your test kit, post up a full set of numbers and we'll go from there. In the meantime, if you want to do something constructive you can open up the...
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    Single speed pump vs variable speed

    I didn't buy a two speed, as I only run my pump when running through the solar heater. The faster your water goes the more you heat, so just making it to the roof won't make for efficient heating. If you only have your pump on 6 hours a day, I imagine you could have the solar on for 75% or more...
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    Help - ?algae bloom and ammonia

    1) once your FC hits zero, bacteria starts to grow... Unfortunately, you got the bacteria that converts cya to ammonia. Do you have the pump running fast enough to get enough flow? 2) don't add more cya until the ammonia is all gone. The bacteria that converted it is still in your pool and...
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    Frustrated Pool Owner

    Great.. Never let your FC drop below 3 for a cya of 30. Try to dose it up to 6 or 7 every night after you test. And then it should fall to 4ish by the next day. You can go a little higher than 7 if your expecting heavy use.
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    Want to switch from strictly liquid to some solid chlorine for remainder of season.

    According to an old Chemgeek post, he successfully kept algae away at 150ppm cya and 3ppm FC with biweekly polyquat use. I've never tried it, and can't vouch for that method, and polyquat is expensive; but if you're set on tablets it may work for your pool. Polyquat algaecides: Mode of Action...
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    is a pressure reading of 0 OK?

    3 simple solutions: Did you add DE after backwashing? Are you running on a very low speed? Try turning up your pump's rpm. What looks like zero on a pressure gauge could be 1 or 2, especially if you're using a gauge that goes all the way up to 60 psi. Is there water coming out of the returns...