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    Is My Pool Sweep Cannibalizing Itself?

    I was afraid of that. I imagine I'll figure out how it came free when I take it apart, maybe find out it's time for a complete rebuild. Thanks for the link!
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    Is My Pool Sweep Cannibalizing Itself?

    I found this when emptying the bag for the Polaris 280. It looks like part of a wheel bearing assembly or some such thing I've seen when disassembling the unit in the past. I've no idea how it could've come out. It's one solid piece. The sweep and all its wheels appear to be functioning...
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    Chlorine vs Bromine in test question

    Greetings! I've recently replaced my sister's pool guy and so far things have been going swimmingly well. I've been using a K-2006 kit I bought before I learned of TFP. On March 4 I removed the last of the pucks the pool guy had been using and did not add anything else. By March 9 the K-2006...
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    Validation of my first test (K-2006)

    Thanks for the thumbs up on the thermometer! Can't wait for it to arrive. Progress is good. Using liquid chlorine now instead of pucks. After replacing some of the water, the last 1:1 diluted CYA test came out at 140, down from 200+, so that's good. Wish I would've taken this over in...
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    Validation of my first test (K-2006)

    If I can't laugh at myself... ;-)
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    Validation of my first test (K-2006)

    Thanks for the welcome! I've been reading today about exchanging vs drain/refill. Didn't realize that was an option. Wondering how effective that would be with only a foot difference between deep and shallow ends. Unless I'm missing something, that has to be my first step, get that CYA under...
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    Validation of my first test (K-2006)

    Hello, all. After years of paying a pool guy $100/mo my sister has asked me to take over (the maintenance, not the paying). I've replaced the booster pump and the majority of the parts in her Pentair CC200 and everything still works so I got that going for me, which is good. Bought a K-2006...