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    Best IG nat gas pool heater brand?

    Hi there, I am in central Ontario and looking to replace a broken heater. I am wondering what everyone recommends when it comes to IG nat gas pool heaters? Jandy, Hayward, Raypak? Thanks everyone! -Adam
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    Jandy JXi or Hayward H series nat gas pool heater?

    Hi everyone, I am looking at getting some insight on what I should get as my next pool heater. I like around the Toronto area. I have a salt water pool and my current heater gave up the ghost about 2 years ago. I have got a couple quotes and I am looking at either the Jandy JXi or Hayward H...
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    Blowing the main drain when it comes into the skimmer

    Hi there, I have an inground pool with the main draining coming into the skimmer basket. I am trying to blow it out, but is very difficult because it is not hooked up to a valve or anything. Attached is a picture of it (I have both holes plugged now for winterizing) (I found this online, but...
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    Getting rid of tadpoles on top of vinyl cover

    I am going to pump it out. But I am curious if I was to put chlorine or bleach in the cover if it will eat away at it.
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    Getting rid of tadpoles on top of vinyl cover

    We have a vinyl cover for our pool which snaps into the perimeter of the pool (not a safety cover) and we have noticed lots of tadpoles on top of the cover. We are not planning on opening our pool for another few weeks and we are wondering how to kill/get rid of these tadpoles. Any suggestions...
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    What are the negatives about SWG pool systems?

    Multiple people have told me that the salt eats away at the inners of the heater, the old owner told me he has never had any problems with the pool, levels have never been an issue, except for the heater, it is all rusted out on the insides and I've heard that heaters only last for 5 years on a...
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    What are the negatives about SWG pool systems?

    Thanks for all of that, I can handle all of those things (except for perhaps the $500 cells every 4 or so years :s). Bit when it comes to the liner or pipes, does the salt eat away at those anymore than regular chlorine pools?
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    What are the negatives about SWG pool systems?

    I bought a house that has a SWG system in the pool. I know the benefits of the system over chlorine types, but I can't seem to find any negatives, mainly relating to the parts of the pool, ie: pump, filter, water likes, liner, etc. the only negative I found about the SWG systems is that it...
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    Do you really need antifreeze in the lines?

    It is my first year closing my in ground pool, we bought the house and the pool is 10 yrs old. And I got a company in to close it, a respectable company in the community. I got the same company the old owners had closing/opening the pool for years. However when they close pools, they dot use...
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    Pool pump - Jacuzzi Magnum Force auto shut off?

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know if this pump, or all pumps have an auto shut off if the pump ever stops getting water? Or it has some sort of technique where it will not burn itself out? I am just curious because we have a tree in our backyard and lots of leaves on it and they are starting to...
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    Keeping leaves out of skimmer

    Hi everyone, I am sure this question has been asked a thousand times, but i am wondering what people recommend for keeping leaves from building up in the skimmer basket? I am going to be going away for 12 days, i have someone keeping an eye on the pool, but we have a tree right over our pool and...
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    Small Crack in Heater header

    That is awesome! Thank you for that. Do you have any idea how that piece would come out? I tried turning it but I wast sure if that piece actually come out? Anything pop to mind?
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    Small Crack in Heater header

    Hi there, I have a Laars LT250NS-C heater with a small crack to the header, beside the plumbing (see pictures). It has been siliconed (caulked) and worked for a couple days then a small leak started. So i took off all the silicone and reapplied some more. I am not sure if i will hold or not. I...
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    Get filter basket out of jacuzzi magnum force

    The plastic cover comes off fine, but the basket doesn't come out. It has a flapper on it that looks like its attached to the basket itself, but I try and pull it out, it doesn't come. I try to pry around the edges, doesn't help. I tried turning it (as if it would unscrew) but doesn't move.
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    Pipes running dry when trying to re prime

    Ok, thanks (sigh of relief) I am just worried about the piping underground with the combination of air in the line, plus the pump trying to fill them with water that it is too much pressure on the pipes? Is it true? The pool was installed 8 years ago by the best pool installers in town, and they...