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    Using the K-2006 CYA test

    A simple question...when you perform the CYA test using the dual-tube comparator, do you put the comparator in full sun or read it in shade? It makes a 30-40ppm difference in when the black dot “disappears”.
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    Should I be taking any special action if my CC is at 1.0 (using 0.50 resolution FAS-DPD) for two weeks?

    No visible algae, FC levels are solid , so not sure if this is really a problem or not. Rained once or twice during this time. FC did drift to 5.5ppm (80 CYA) two days ago (bottom of target range is 6.0).
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    Bad capacitor

    Thanks y'all for posting this one. Just had the same humming motor not starting and a quick forum search gave me this result. 5 minutes later the capacitor is on order for delivery in 2 days.
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    Does algae form a protective barrier?

    Interesting. Thanks for sharing. The membrane deal was new info to me.
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    Does algae form a protective barrier?

    Is this true? “When you start off with not enough chlorine the algae forms a protective membrane that makes it harder to kill. It is better to use an algaecide versus the crapshoot on superchlorinating the water exclusively”
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    CSI in Pool Math

    Thanks, found the toggle in the app.
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    CSI in Pool Math

    I see this in Pool School: "How is CSI calculated? Very simple – by using the PoolMath tool. Since CSI is primarily calculated by combining pH, TA, CH, and water temperate (among other items), simply enter your test results in PoolMath and refer to the CSI row. The tool will tell you if your...
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    SWG chlorine levels

    Yeah from the Chlorine/CYA chart, 3 is the minimum FC level for SWCG pools. Target is 5. Might have just been skirting the edge a bit too much. SWCG Pools CYA (Stabilizer) Minimum FC Target FC SLAM FC 60* 3 4 24 70 3 5...
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    Dolphin/Maytronics recommendation

    I have the CC Plus. Really like it. I've had it for a year. Not a single quality problem. No maintenance or replacement parts needed so far...not even the filters. And as Jimrahbe said, it pretty much gets everything. I use a SolarBreeze NX surface robot to minimize the amount of debris...
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    Questioning Pool ownership

    I'm in Houston. Like San Antonio, it's hot here and the summers are long, and with a spa built-in, you have year-round entertainment. With those young kids, you will absolutely get value out of it. Consider that a wake boat is around 70-140K, the maintenance and use costs are high, and...
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    Getting ready to SLAM, but sides of pool look a little off...

    Funny that you said that...I started having a heater problem about a month ago...not sure if it's related. It will light and the burners will ignite for about 10 seconds and then go out. It will retry this cycle 3-4 times and then error out. The manual suggests something is wrong with the...
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    Getting ready to SLAM, but sides of pool look a little off...

    I've been diligent about maintaining the pH and have always had it between 7.2-7.7, but I've only had this home for 18 months and it was built in 2010 (and I'm assuming the pool was put in when the house was built). I made the ignorant mistake of relying on Trichlor pucks and Calcium...
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    Getting ready to SLAM, but sides of pool look a little off...

    Took me a bit to figure out how to log via the app. Took these measurements after I replaced 4,100 gal of an estimated 20K gal pool. Got the CYA down to 90...still high but more manageable. We're expecting rain so that should add another 1K gallons. FC = 12.5 (I'd added liquid bleach during...
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    Getting ready to SLAM, but sides of pool look a little off...

    I was setting up to SLAM to correct a mild algae problem, but measured a very high CYA level. Partially drained the pool to correct the CYA level, and that uncovered numerous light patches on the top edge of the pool walls. Care to venture a guess at what this is about?
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    Dolphin T55i/30i/S300i

    Good enough reason to me. Subscribed to PoolMath app as well. Happy to help those who are happy to help.