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    Cost of running a pool heater

    For those looking at the total bill for the month, it doesn’t really seem fair to include all the base and fixed fees in the analysis (unless there are no other gas needs for the property). Seems like only variable cost ought to be considered. Just my 2 cents.
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    controlling hayward aquarite with intellitouch

    Bumping up for thoughts. Thx.
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    Repair or Upgrade Compool Lx3600

    Ditto. I just recently upgraded my 3600 also. It took all of 45 mins to do and that was because I took my time. ScreenLogic is the way to go. And @Jimrahbe has been super helpful in the process. Got for it!
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    Further Reading Topics?

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    Further Reading Topics?

    Hi all - not sure where to ask this question. Is there a listing of “Further Reading” topics? I see links to certain topics from time to time, but can’t seem to find the repository for all of them. Thanks!
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    Sanitizing pains. Tried SWG, Liquidator, chlorine tablets and bleach. Tired of fighting. Need help. Thinking Ozonator

    Where did you end up getting the OEM cell and how much did it end up costing? Thanks.
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    Hayward T-Cell 15

    Any update on how the CP-15 has been performing? Thanks.
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    controlling hayward aquarite with intellitouch

    I tried connecting my EasyTouch to my circa 2006 Aqua Rite and the “Remotely Controlled” light never lit or blinked. I enabled “Clorinator Present” in SL Config. Any thoughts as to what I may have done wrong?
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    Bucket Test - Spillway Impact?

    Pool had been heated for 2-3 of the days, so average pool temp has been 20-25 degrees higher than overnight lows.
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    Bucket Test - Spillway Impact?

    Hi - I suspect I have a leak somewhere as I lost about 4-5" over the last 5 days. I am planning to do a bucket test to confirm. I have a spillway that runs for an hour each day. Will running that cause any significant impact on the test? Anything else I should disable or make sure to do...
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    Leslie’s Jacuzzi Hayward T-Cell-15 replacement experience?

    I understand that generic replacement cell brands can be hit or miss, but I was wondering if anyone has experience with the one at Leslie’s. Seems like at least it would be easier to get a warranty replacement if there is an issue. Thanks...
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    Replacing/upgrading automation

    @ajw22 - I’ve seen some posts that suggest the linkage between Pentair and Aquarite is broken. Can you shed and light or share your experience? Thanks!
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    Pump purchase help please!

    I ended up getting one as well, but the VSF 011056 turned out to be cheaper due to utility incentives so I went that route. The installation went very smooth and I am up and running!
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    Goldline Aquarite and EasyTouch Questions

    @bdavis466 - in addition to my question right above, had one more. I hear you on the need to adjust for sun/people. Is that something you just get a feel for, or are you needing to check the chemistry regularly to gauge? Thx.