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    Painting concrete pool deck

    Well the concrete is looking like it needs something besides pressure washing. It’s structurally sound and in good shape but is just blah. I was thinking of paint. It’s never been treated,sealed and it’s about 15 yrs old. I guess my question is does anyone have any tips for painting concrete?
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    Blow out plug

    I’m sorry I should have been more specific..... I need one with a valve stem to hook up my compressor to blow out returns. I need to put a plug into a 2” union on the equipment pad. The inside diameter is approx 1 3/4”
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    Blow out plug

    I have a little problem finding the correct size blowout plug. It seems like they come in either 1 1/2” and 2” but I usually blow out by taking apart the Union for 2” pvc pipe. so 2” is too big and 1 1/2” is too small. The inside diameter is about 1 3/4”...... any idea where I can find one? Thanks
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    Concrete sealer?

    My pool and concrete deck around pool is approx 15 years old. I pressure wash after opening every year and I’m starting to notice the surface is becoming rough and looks like over time, the pressure washing eats away at the concrete so now I can see some of the stone in the concrete. I was told...
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    Repair a bad connection

    Awesome thank you. I ordered them, get them by Thursday. Yahooo!!!
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    Repair a bad connection

    It’s the red and blk wires
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    Repair a bad connection

    Somehow over time one of the low voltage connections went bad in my swg. I was told to solder this connection/ wire. Actually it’s an internal wire that gets connected to a receptacle that accepts an external banana plug that goes to salt cell. My question is should I bypass the banana plug n...
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    SLAMing for 5 days, but still can't even see the bottom

    Sorry I’m not trying to hijack this thread but why is it so important to adjust the ph before slamming? Does having a high/ low ph affect the slamming process?
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    Robot cleaning and slamming

    Is there any issues with throwing in my robotic cleaner while slamming/ high fc?
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    Lab pees in pool

    Thx gents......I’ll do that. I have another question. My dog did a number on my mesh safety cover, the Pee stained the cover. I sprayed a mild detergent on entire cover and brushed. Then hosed off, it cleaned dirt and debris but not the pee stains. Anything Else I can try?
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    Lab pees in pool

    Just opened my pool, all off season (winter) my 2 yr old Lab peed on my mesh cover which seeps into the pool. First and I hope last year this happens but I doubt it. Anyway the water is green as usual because I always open too late, had some warm weather earlier this season. But I noticed along...
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    Liquid chlorine

    I bought 10 extra gallons of liquid Chlorine from pool store. The good news is I’m done slamming. I have a swg so except for slamming, I have no need for extra chlorine. The pool store won’t let me return. How long would it last, be stable in its container? It’s possible I get an algae outbreak...
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    Ok for those following this post.......I’m finally done slamming. It’s been a real head scratcher this year. The big lesson I learned was to get cya in the water but keep it around 50 til slamming is complete. And stay the coarse......
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    FC-22 Cc-.5 Ph-over 8 (I assume it’s high since I been slamming for some time) TA-also High Ch-250 Cya-50 I’m using a Taylor K-2006 kit