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    Advice needed - replacing 5 foot retaining wall very near pool

    Thanks for you input @jimmythegreek I'm not sure what you mean by engineered and stamed? The distance from the wall to the concrete is only 2 feet. The inspector says he will not pass the wall if it doesn't have a 6ft geo grid on the top layer. The wall will be 5ft tall at most. Moving the...
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    Advice needed - replacing 5 foot retaining wall very near pool

    Hello TFP! I really need some advice. I have (had) an old tie retaining wall at the back of my property that is about 1.5 to 2 feet from my pool deck and about 6 feet at the shortest point to my pool stairs (probably 9 feet from the pool walls). We hired a company to replace the tie wall with...
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    Pool Safety Cover

    After installing a new liner this summer I broke down and decided to get a new safety cover. (20x40 GLI Value-X solid with small mesh center) Not so much for the safety aspect, more so for better looks, longer lasting, easier to install (after setting the anchors) and best of all, not having...
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    Finally got my liner installed. Since I was doing it myself for the first time I went with the cheapest liner I could get just in case I messed it up. We installed the GLI Panama 20 mil. We are very happy with the liner.
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    Stripped Screws in Hayward Main Drain Gasket

    I had the same problem. I discovered my loose screw while prepping for a new liner install so the water was already drained. I emailed hayward to ask their advice and and they said: "Please use the part number WGX1048EKIT, this is a brass insert and screw kit." Assuming your screw type is...
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    HELP - New liner install starting to float - Need advice

    i ended sucking most of it out with a transfer pump and hose behind the liner, but there is still some left. Hoping as the pool fills it will press it all out where ever it came in from. I think draining and redoing is too risky and might cause more problems having already put the main drain...