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    Chlorine Drop Test Question

    What i notice, if you have low FC the solution only turns pink (4 drops to turn clear = 2ppm FC). Once you get more FC you will see it turn a bright red.
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    Basketball hoop question

    The pole and the black angle iron appear to be in good condition. I would: 1. remove the basketball backboard from the angle iron. from the pic looks like 4 bolts is holding it. 2. Go to home depot and buy some 2x6 and cut to length to fix between the angle iron and use new bolts to secure the...
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    Plaster Day - Fill water question

    My tap water is: CH 260, TA 160, and PH 7.0. I filled with no issues and followed the new pool startup guidelines. A year later, I still have no issues with CH.
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    Bleach v corona virus - backup plan?

    Home depot. I just bought 5 (3 gallon) cases. It was time to refill my chlorine injection tank.
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    Stenner Pump Calculator (Excel)

    Very well done!!! I always have to start from scratch and do the math in my head. I did a check of your calculator with my current setting and it seems to add up correctly. I'll definitely be using your calculator going forwarded. Can't wait to use this for my summer time settings. Awesome!
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    What is Bonding?

    Bonding is like grounding/earthing. All pool equipment is connected together using 8 AWG copper wire and is bonded (grounded) together. Better then how i can explain it: Bonding vs Grounding - Trouble Free Pool
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    A pH rise for 7.4 to 7.8 in less than 1 week sound really good to me.
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    Welcome to the board!
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    Hello! (a little late :))

    Welcome to the board!
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    Does anyone have any info or thoughts about gunite vs shotcrete for an inground pool?

    When building my pool, the PB would call it Gunite, but the method they used was Shotcrete.
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    Recommendations for saltwater pool builder North of San Antonio

    Having the spa, there is the option to heat the pool with the Jandy NG Heater. It will take one hour to increase the pool temp by 1 degree. But having the spa there is no reason for me to try to heat the pool. I was in the spa last night, it took 45min for the spa water temp to go from 58 to 100...
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    Recommendations for saltwater pool builder North of San Antonio

    I live in the San Antonio area. We schedule with four PB's around mid December of 2018. Three showed up, and we got designs from two of them. The PB was able to break ground 2/13/19 and took 8 weeks to finish. The PB we went with does not do saltwater, so I installed a chlorine injection.
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    Jandy iAqualink - Dusk Timer Questions

    I was reading the manual and it doesn't say how to have multiple off times. Maybe try setting the DUSK OFF TIME to 11:30PM (this will turn off the landscape lights automatically). In the SCHEDULE MENU, schedule the pool light to come on sometime in the evening. (The Pool ON time doesn't matter...
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    Squirrels chewing through screen enclosure :-(

    We had a problem with tree rats. A .22 air rifle cured most of it.
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    What would you say this pH level is?

    This is the solution is use: : General Hydroponics Ph 7.0 Calibration Solution - 8 Ounces, 1 bottle : Lab Chemical Buffers : Garden & Outdoor