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    Natural gas to propane

    1. call the city and ask about upgrading the gas meter, if it needs to be upgraded the city should do it for free. The new gas meter are high pressure and can handle a 400k btu heater. The city will let you know what you got. 2. the gas line to the heater is independent to the house, or should...
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    Is this quote to move pool equipment reasonable?

    Those estimates look to be on par what I was thinking. They also have to hand trench it as the OP says, add another 2k for that.
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    Steps in applying Magic Lube II to pump basket o-ring?

    I remove the o-ring and clean it with a clean rag. Use the same rag to clean the channel. Not spotless, just to insure there is no grime or dirt that can cause issues. Use liberal amount of pool lube, i use my index finger and thumb to get a good coverage of lube on the o-ring. Install o-ring...
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    Is this quote to move pool equipment reasonable?

    Sorry to hear you are in that predicament. How old is the pool? Bring the pool to current code and moving electrical/gas can cost $$$. If 14K includes all unforseen circumstances and you don't have to come out of pocket for anything else, it might be worth it.
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    How to chlorinate with liquid chlorine so I maintain a residual free chlorine level throughout the day?

    I use a Stenner pump for my chlorine injection. The stenner pump runs every four hours (each cycle runs for 18min during the day and 6min during the night) to add about 64 oz of chlorine a day. I like to add chlorine through out the day, and I also run my VS pump 24x7. At 1100 RPM the pumps...
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    Pump Location Questions

    Mine is in a single trench. The trench is ruffly 3' deep and 3' wide. The gas and electrical have to be 2' apart. But you'll have to look at your local code to determine what is building code in your area. From the house to the pool equipment is about 55', I also had a shed build at the same...
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    Squealing pump

    My PSI barely registers on the DE gauge at 1200 rpm maybe 5ish or less. At 2750 RPM with clean DE it’s 20ish psi.
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    Squealing pump

    My pool was finished April 21, so 3 months.
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    Squealing pump

    I went out to test my pump. In the first video mine also make the same noise when turned on/off. The second video at 1000 rpm yours is louder but I feel the pump is working harder at 1000 rpm vs 1200 rpm.
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    Squealing pump

    I have the same pump, and mine is very quite. Even when it goes to full RPMs, you hear it ramp up but no squealing. The pump runs 24/7 at 1200 rmps, then 3x a day goes to 2700 rpms for my cleaning mode. At 1200 rpms it runs at 80w.
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    Water Meter

    I used these when i filled my pool. 2 Pack - P3 P0550 Water Meter | Measure Watering Use in Gallons or Liters |Fits Standard Garden Hose: Home Improvement
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    Jandy True Clear Cover Leak

    Looking at the parts page, there is an o-ring under the cap. Most likely you will have to buy a new o-ring and/or new cap. If the o-ring looks good but the cap is cracked, you can try a two part epoxy and try to fix the crack temporarily.
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    Bonding, Whose Responsible?

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    Advice required (lots to cover)

    I would just add a gallon of liquid chlorine every evening until your test kit arrives.
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    Jandy AquaLink RS - Program Scheduling Nightmare

    Have you tried using the web site instead of the app to set your schedule.