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    Pool Math Log Enhancement\Suggestion

    Hi again, I finally got my SWG setup and running and I updated my Pool Math app with the settings and then I noticed something. When I added the amount for the SWG in the “Chemical Additions”, it shows the results in the Log, the exact way I was suggesting it, it shows what the addition was...
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    Adding Unions to Sand Filter and Filter Maintenance

    Apologies for all the posts, but as you can tell, I’m continuously reading as much as I can. If the Sand Filter uses 1.5 inch piping, then I saw the below 2 union options from other posts:
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    Adding Unions to Sand Filter and Filter Maintenance

    Might be overkill but now thinking of just buying this ( Hayward SP0714T VariFlo Top-Mount Control Value, Black: Garden & Outdoor) since I assume it would come with everything (new spider gasket and o-ring) and then just order 3 of those unions I linked above (if they are...
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    Adding Unions to Sand Filter and Filter Maintenance

    Greetings TFPer’s, hope everyone is doing great this summer day and everyone's pool is crystal clear and balanced. It’s amazing what a new liner will do in terms of wanting to make everything else new and I once again need everyone’s expertise on a few things and I truly appreciate the help...
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    Pool Math Log Enhancement\Suggestion

    Thanks for the reply and suggestion. That’s what I’ve been doing in the interim or just opening the Effects of Adding section. I get the reasons for wanting to leave the logs with “real” data but perhaps there could be an option in the settings to allow the expected Effects to be shown and...
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    Pool Math Log Enhancement\Suggestion

    Greetings fellow TFP’ers, been a while since I posted but still here. I’m loving the Pool Math app, finally subscribed to it vs. just using the free version and the html version but just had one small suggestion that would help me, and possibly others, out tremendously. When you view the Logs...
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    How high can the TFTeskits test for FC?

    Thanks Jason, I'll mention to him again about the pH.
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    SimplePool App for Android. A Review.

    Hey Ken, The only new thing I found is that there is a limit on the can only enter up to 80....and I know you're probably like who in the world would go any higher than that...well finally got my Dad to go to the BBB method and his CYA is around 180 so he insisted he didn't want to...
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    How high can the TFTeskits test for FC?

    Thanks everyone, Well he finally hit the shock point so thanks to all the help and instructions everyone gave me as well as the great TFTeskit, this morning he had dead algae everywhere, he was soooo shocked and couldn't believe it worked and they were so thankful which made me happy that I was...