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    What did you do to your pool today?

    Added these 2 guys today
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    Considering a play pool (Austin, Tx)

    We did a gradual 4-5-4. 5 is in the center. It is perfect. My opinion is that 3 is too shallow
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    Help with picking pool tile

    Check these out. Their stuff is awesome GALLERY | lightstreams
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    Pool Filled Last Night

    Good call in the bar stools. We use ours everyday.
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    Pool size help!

    Ours is 40x38. The size is great. If you make it too small , you will regret it everyday.
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    Glass Tile for 360 Perimeter Spa

    We used 1x2 and they work great on our rolled edge spa.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    Had mine at 98 for the past 10 days —it was awesome!
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    Ran Pump for 14hrs

    My pool guy said the best thing to do for the equipment is to run it constantly-it will last longer—instead of turning on/off. Though it isn’t good for utility bills.
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    New build Atlanta—huge issue—need suggestions

    I won’t. Got 3 hoses going at same time. Hardly any water pressure inside the house—told my wife she can’t take a shower tomorrow—HA
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    New build Atlanta—huge issue—need suggestions

    Started adding water today
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    SF Bay Area build (done!!!)

    The pebble tec looks good—what did you get? I get mine in 9 days. Thinking of surf blue but still have time to change my mind.
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    New build Atlanta—huge issue—need suggestions

    Suz, I figured you would especially like it since you are lightstreams fan. I was trying to impress you. ?
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    New build Atlanta—huge issue—need suggestions

    I chose the tile on my own. My permit took 6 months so it gave me time to research online (otherwise I would have gone with the standard builder suggestion and not known any better). Not sure how I found lightstreams but I did and when I saw the site I knew I wanted the peacock—I actually...
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    New build Atlanta—huge issue—need suggestions

    You guys are funny. Here are a couple shots of the spa. They even put tile on the drain cover. Tile for spa is lightstreams peacock 1x2. Bar stools are covered with a mix of peacock, royal blue and agean sea jewels.