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    Hayward Superpump 2 speed ... ItemID=588 Try it now. This should work. Page 55
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    Hayward Superpump 2 speed

    Don't let them stick you for another pump! If it is truly a 2-speed pump, a good electrician should be able to wire it correctly with one of the following options... 1) 3 pos. toggle switch mounted on motor end cap (canopy), 2) external 3 position toggle in a separate box, 3) using a true 2...
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    Hayward Superpump 2 speed

    Did this last spring... not hard. You have to switch a couple of the internal leads under the connection block on the motor for it to work w/ the canopy switch. See the diagram on page 55 of this link to the ao smith motor manual. you or an electrician should be able to do this. I had to...
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    strange results while I shock a crystal sparkling green pool

    Been there, done that w/ the emerald green water! You probably have some kind of algae bloom going on... that's what it was for me... keep shocking and testing... you must keep it up to the recommended FC shock level continuously until FC begins to hold... that's the only way. Maybe you can do...
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    High Pressure jump!!

    I agree w/ duraleigh and bama rambler... please backwash and then immediately put on recirculate (bypass). If the pressure stays down, I would say that is confirmation that your filter is cleaning SOMETHING out of the water. Please post all the requested water chemistry test results so the...
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    High Pressure jump!!

    sounds like you ARE filtering out some kind of waste. it's normal to have to back wash when vacuuming crud from your pool... just keep vac'ing, backwashing, and get your water in balance. When everything is cleaned up and sanitized properly, your filter routine should change to normal. (an...
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    Upgrading a SuperPump 3/4HP to dual speed

    Did this in March w/ a 1 HP Superpump-- was an easy job. Just be sure you understand the wiring for a 2 speed. I used a "canopy toggle switch" on the motor end cap or canopy to manually change speeds, but I think getting a 2-speed timer as you suggest would be very convenient! Good luck--...
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    Cloudy water with test results

    Welcome! Your TA at 150 looks really high and probably has something to do w/ the cloudiness. I'm a little surprised that your ph is just 7.2 w/ a TA that high. I'm sure some of the pro's will be along shortly to help you sort this all out. Good luck. I hesitate to give you instructions...
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    running low speed - air in pump basket

    It's a new lid gasket, but I'll lube it and see what happens.
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    running low speed - air in pump basket

    Hi: Converted my Superpump 1hp to a 1hp 2 speed this spring... works great! My question is... why am I getting a bit of an air bubble in my pump basket when I run it on low speed? The air bubble seems to grow a little bit if I run it continuously for a day or so. Water seems to be moving...
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    Have bought 2 pump motors from them... AO Smith 1 HP for a Hayward SuperPump, and most recently a 2-speed AO Smith to convert my SuperPump from a single to a 2-speed. 1st one about 6 years ago. 2nd about 2 months ago. No issues, shipped fast, motors in factory box. I'd use them again. NOTE...
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    Need guidance on replacement pool equipment

    Sounds like the filter is undersized. I have a 10k gallon pool and a 1hp SuperPump that turns it over in about 8 hours or less.. don't remember exactly... may even do it faster, been a while since I calculated it. Difference is... I have a Hayward sand filter that has better throughput than...
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    Replace pump or motor?

    Motor and seal definitely the least expensive way to go. If you really have the funds, you might look at a 2 speed pump or converting your pump to a 2-speed pump (I converted a Hayward SuperPump to a 2-speed). It will be much quieter on low speed than a single speed pump, and will save a lot...
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    We had the Mother of all rain storms

    What's your CC? With all that rain, you should check that... might need to shock.
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    We had the Mother of all rain storms

    If you water LEVEL is about right now (you don't need to pump to waste) go ahead and do the PH adjustment. I wouldn't think adding salt now would be a problem as long as you're through pumping water out. We just had a series of 1-2" rain storms too, so I've got to pump out -- level is within...