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    Featured How long to heat pool?

    Your units might be a bit off, but the math is all correct. That number is "in a vacuum" (as in not literally in a vacuum, but doesn't account for any outside elements) so heat loss to the ground or atmosphere is not accounted for. The ground will suck up some heat but eventually that will...
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    High PH

    Because it is a test kit and all test kits come with the same boilerplate recommendations. The best TA level is the level at which your pH is most stable. Since that's the kind of answer that comes with a few of caveats and limitations you'll not find it in any manual.
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    White Water Mold getting worse during SLAM?

    Then you probably weren't dealing with white water mold. That stuff crumbles at the slightest amount of chlorine, that's why it mostly is a problem with baqua or other chlorine-free pools. Polyquat acts as a mild clarifier, most likely you were dealing with some sort of filtration problem and...
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    Balancing is a myth, right?

    It is extremely simple. All you are doing is attempting to justify your own difficulties by trying to convince us that it's actually too hard for the average person, rather than taking responsibility for your own shortcomings. If I have any advice for you it would be to stop coming up with...
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    High TA fill water - got an aeration idea....

    If your pH rise isn't very fast even with aeration, why are you worried about lowering your TA? Having your pH rise stall out at 7.5 seems as ideal as it comes.
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    First readings

    You're experiencing what happens when you try to combine pool care methods. It's nothing but conflicting information and confusion. That's why we say to pick one method and work that method. Obviously we highly encourage you to pursue TFPC because we know it works and have data on why it...
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    New to borates

    I can speak from experience that this is not a good assumption. Boric acid powder is hydrophobic and you'll be fighting to get it dissolved as it just sits undissolved on the surface of the water or sinks in large clumps with dry centers that you'll need to break up. It's a real pain to get...
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    First readings

    No and yes. When water evaporates it leaves behind the CYA and CH, so the concentration is raised. Then when you replace the evaporated water it is diluted back to the original levels . That's completely true for CYA, but CH is different because the water you are adding has calcium so it...
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    First readings

    I don't know why someone would do that or believe that either, but it doesn't. Evaporated water is distilled water, meaning it does not carry dissolved solids. CYA, calcium, salt, all of this is left behind when water evaporates.
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    First readings

    Neither CYA nor CH are lost through evaporation. Liquid water must be removed and replaced to reduce these levels.
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    Pool Calculator

    To confirm: are you talking about "Pool Calculator" or "PoolMath"? I ask because it sounds like you have been paying for a web-based calculator and PoolMath has only ever had a subscription system as an app.
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    Trying to get chlorine pool blue

    Like I said, it's not worth the price you pay. I am not going to read your post because it wouldn't change anything. If you'd joined this site with the intent to learn first and instruct second you'd have noticed the mountain of examples of pool store testing of all varieties, digital and...
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    Trying to get chlorine pool blue

    No it doesn't. These devices need regular calibration. Since calibration does not enhance sales it is something that's often overlooked. All that matters is that the results look precise (it cannot measure to 1 ppm CYA, but it will sure try to tell you that) so that customers believe it is...
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    Hayward ecostar on generator

    Yep, the reason you're having trouble is your dad performed a handyman's special and jury rigged things inappropriately. He should have used an L6-20 for a 240v 20 amp outlet. The L5-15 is for a 120v 15 amp outlet. He kind of screwed you over there, there was no reason not to use the proper...
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    Hayward ecostar on generator

    I don't mean in this project. I mean the electrician that wired up the plug the pump is plugged in to. If it is an L5-20r then it should be 120v. It would be improper for the receptacle at the wall to provide 240v.