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    What if the pool’s underground plumbing leaks?

    I know it's an old thread but did you find your leak? A couple thoughts for you based on my recent experiences: - Do you have a hydrostatic relief valve? Could it be letting water out? - In my area, American Leak Detection (a franchise company) charges maybe $450 to try to find your leak...
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    Should I add a sump basin to my pool while its empty?

    Hi guys, I hope this is the right folder for this question: I have a decent sized (25k g?) shotcrete pool that is 40 years old. Recently I have had some trouble with my hydrostatic relief valve (probably). I appreciate getting steered in the right direction here...
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    Leak deep underground, your basic pool nightmare

    Hi guys and gals, Thanks for all the replies. Details in case the magic of the internet leads someone to find this and need help tackling their own: I ordered a 1/2" drive 2" deep impact socket ($$) from Amazon and a set of impact extensions
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    Leak deep underground, your basic pool nightmare

    Hi guys, Thanks for the info. The pool ended up draining itself to ~0.5' of water and I was able to use my cheapo amazon endoscope. I popped the drain cover; no extra fittings under there. I got about an 8' view of the main suction pipe and things seemed pretty ok (it's hard to get a great...
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    Leak deep underground, your basic pool nightmare

    I'm not aware that I have a hydrostatic relief valve. Once it drains out entirely, which I think will happen, I'll take another look and maybe put up some photos. Edit: Are they sometimes part of the drain assembly (i.e. could it be under the floor suction grill?)
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    Leak deep underground, your basic pool nightmare

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and having a terrible week pool wise. I'm hoping to get ideas and directions for how to DIY a repair as the local pool industry here is not very deep and is very busy. I've got a shotcrete (smooth concrete) pool with a gunnite surround. It's about 40 years old...
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    New to the forum, pool owner for 10 years, still can't get it right

    Hi, First time on this forum. Decade long owner of a 40 some year old shotcrete/gunnite pool that has not been easy to deal with.