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    Pentair easytouch comm problem

    Appreciate your help. I'm not clear what you are suggesting. There are multiple com ports. There is one com port leaving the 'main' board (520712). This goes to a breakout board that has 3 com ports (521593). Do the yellow and green just tie together or do they go through a chip on this board...
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    Pentair easytouch comm problem

    I'm confident the pump is not the issue. What I'm curious about is how to troubleshoot the 2 boards within the easytouch. The 'main' board that contains the screen runs to a com port to a breakout board part 521594 (picture attached, not mine). I'm suspicious of this board since I already had...
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    Pentair easytouch comm problem

    I'm having what appears to be a comm problem with my easy touch. I have screen logic, variable speed pump and chlorinator all from pentair. They have all had some issue the past few weeks. I would get email alerts that the chlorine generator lost comm. I've had issues connecting to the screen...
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    60k gallon pool total remodel/makeover Owner/builder - details/pics, feedback welcome

    Thanks for the pictures of the skimmer, I'm thinking about redoing mine and that is exactly what I had in mind. Unfortunately, I had a crack that wend down the side of the skimmer, was fixed with steel staples, and then after a couple months reappeared. I think I need to to reinforcement over...
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    pooldv texas pool thread

    Re: pooldv pool thread Very good notes, it would good to see more people post this sort of thing to help other people size their systems. Are you going to start using a cover and the heat pump at the same time? It would be interesting to compare some data with just the cover and then the heat...
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    pooldv texas pool thread

    Re: pooldv pool thread Did you ever keep track of what temperature your solar was able to keep your pool during different months?
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    Another O/B starting, looking for equipment advice

    I can't help with which easy touch to buy, since I don't have a spa, and don't understand the differences in creating "macros" with two different bodies of water. However, you said it was a detached spa, so does that mean it's a packaged unit, or are you going to use any of the pool equipment...
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    Owner / Builder - Sacramento - With Pictures and Prices!

    I'll add some food for thought on the lighting- maybe some others can give their experience on some of these issues. I have a larger pool that is lit by 3 globrites. I'm happy with the amount of light, even in the deep end (9-10'), although certain colors are better (see below). I was limited...
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    Scrubbing diamond brite making uneven look

    I had my roof replaced, and during the process some roofing nails got into the pool and left some rust spots. Unfortunately, the roofer decided to try to remove the spots and used a brush (some sort of metal I assume). There is one spot where he really scrubbed, and now there is more aggregate...
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    Major Remodel - travertine over old concrete deck, raise bond beam to match?

    Did you decide what to do? I'm in the process of doing something similar. My bond beam is slightly higher than the concrete deck in most areas. I removed the existing concrete coping, and am going to use thin set to attach and level the new travertine coping, and use a sand base to set and...
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    Diamond brite watercolors

    When you say set like regular pavers, are they on a crushed rock base? I assume the "coping" stones are secured to the bond beam with some sort of thinset? You have any pictures during install? How many and what type of lights did you go with? Those stepping stones look awesome, but I can't...
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    Diamond brite watercolors

    Love the travertine. How is it set? It looks like no grout joint? When people talk about the darker blues, are you referring to the base color, rather than the aggregates (like tahoe blue, midnight blue, and verde)? Have you looked at some of the samples in person? They actually look...
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    Modification of existing pool?

    I'm in the process of adding a sun shelf in a pool that didn't previously have one. I've added a couple pictures of the process, since I could find almost no information on the internet by people who had done something similar. The project is still underway so there will be photos added as...
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    Pool remodel in FL

    I had just pasted the images in the message and they showed up in my browser, but I was wondering if other people could see them. Never used photobucket, but I redid the post and linked the images, let me know if they show up.
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    Pool remodel in FL

    After shooting the wall. Next step is to backfill, finish rebar for the horizontal portion, and then pour the horizontal portion. I picked out some tile, although I haven't decided which direction I'll run the tile. The first option is to run the tile this direction. There would be no...