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    First time buying Calcium Chloride in Houston TX, where is the cheapest?

    I live in Houston (Spring to be exact) and also use the 5 lb containers from Clorox. The only time I have to mess with CH is when I dump water from the pool so it’s convenient for me to buy the smaller containers as I know exactly the quantity needed which leads to no excess being purchased and...
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    What's your current pool temp?

    88 degrees here in Houston! Hurricane Harvey had dropped it to 75 but it's well on its way back up.
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    Jandy Epump 2.7hp

    The Zodiac Nature2 Fusion. It appears to be positioned on the output side of the primary pump and filter so I don't believe the tabs sitting in the holder with it turned off is going to be a problem.
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    Jandy Epump 2.7hp

    Thanks for the welcome! I have a Zodiac Nature2 Fusion chlorinator loaded with Tablets. I see it has a setting from 1-5. If I go for 24 hours of use on the pump, I imagine I would need to decrease the setting on the chlorinator irregardless of the pump rpms - correct?
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    Jandy Epump 2.7hp

    I recently had a new 25k gallon pool constructed, no spa. The pool building told me after a month of operation I can adjust the Epump down a few hundred rpms but after reading here I see otherwise I was shocked to see that the builder had set the pump to run at 3450rpm which negates any savings...