Had a huge pool, just moved, wanting to build another pool, trying to decide on equipment. Used BBB system with chlorine, but had huge fluctuations with chlorine and algae. Maybe going to use a salt pool this time. Lots of sand storms down here so I am afraid of a cartridge system constantly needing cleaning, but want clear sparkling water that a sand filter might not give. Trying to decide on using an Ultraviolet light system to keep the algae down. I do not feel confident in ionizers or ozone. I have read some statements that you do not need a UV light system because the SUN has UV rays, but the Sun grows algae, and the UV systems are so strong they kill algae. I need a lot of help. I like this site because I feel I get honest answers and not a sales pitch.
Feb 20, 1962 (Age: 58)
Las Cruces, NM
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