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    Intex again, or something that will last longer

    I went with another Intex 26' x 54" round pool. This one is labeled an XTR but looks exactly like the outgoing Ultra Frame that I bought in '17. Hopefully it holds up better. Was lucky to get this one as they were selling out fast. Paid a premium for it, but Walmart sensed they were in high...
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    New Pool Install

    Unbelievable, this is so hard. Praying for you Casey.
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    Gas heater for intex AGP?

    Isn't it most important to bond the pool water? That's what these fittings are for: : Perma-Cast PB2008 Water Bonding Fitting PB-2008 : Garden & Outdoor These can be mounted in a skimmer or piping as close to the pool as you can. The outside receives a large copper bonding wire.
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    How fast does rust spread?

    Curious, do you have salt in your pool or are you just using bleach as your chlorine source?
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    Overlap liner without original liner on Intext Ultra Frame pool?

    The Intex liners are very tough (strong). Unfortunately I don't think a liner designed for a pool with a steel wall will survive what you're considering.
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    Question about space between liner and poles?

    It could be that the liner wasn't perfectly centered when water was first added. Once there's water in it, the liner won't self-center. As for checking level, if you look across the top rails of the pool from one side to the other you can see if the pool is level or not all the way around.
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    Jhook vs beaded liner for pool wall longevity - less rust?

    Hello, Looking at pool liner mounting options I was all excited about the beaded liner approach until I thought about how splashing water and waves might get to the inner pool wall at the joints between the bead track segments. With a beaded liner, the liner itself does not go all the way to...
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    Gas heater for intex AGP?

    I think so. If you're doing a SLAM, or any other high chlorine or high chemical thing in your pool water to correct and issue, I did not want that flowing through the heater's heat exchanger. So I'd close the in & out heater isolation valves and open the bypass before I drastically changed...
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    Rust Treatment

    Wow, you guys have me wondering why I am considering 'upgrading' from my Intex Ultra Frame that only lasted 3 years. I was assuming that a 'real' AGP would last way longer and not have these rusting problems.
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    Lomart Montessa 24' rusting

    Pool Supply World lists this model as 'salt water friendly' but the rust you have is of concern especially considering the age. Hopefully others more experienced than I can give you come advice. Pool Supply WorldLomart Montessa Above Ground Pool
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    Gas heater for intex AGP?

    Here are some pictures of my setup--I used this plumbing for 3 summers until the pool frame rusted too badly to continue using. I'll admit embarrassment over the weediness of the pump area--that was fixed last year to a clean gravel area--but you get the idea. Isolation valves are your...
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    Rusted skimmer

    Maybe try to protect that liner by folding it up and setting it somewhere safe?
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    Rusted skimmer

    I'm so sorry to hear this. Was really cheering for you and anticipating the new look of your pool with the liner.
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    Can somebody check my specs before I spend $7000+

    PV2, what are the downsides of the wall foam? And the ladder pad? Thanks.
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    Rusted skimmer

    Thanks--looks great!