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    Leaning toward SWG - have questions

    Balancing the pool water to the levels here (and borates) I use very little Muriatic Acid. Maybe once a month. Having the pool for 8 years I open (with bleach) and balance the water, then fire off the SWCG, test atleast twice a week. My routine not everyones.
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    Equipment shift

    I have two equipment pads, heater on one, filter and pump on the other. These are precast pads used when the pool was installed in 2005. Noticed this spring that the pad for the filter has sunk almost a 1/2". Given the heater and plumbing coming out of the ground hasn't presented a problem...
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    Starting up sand filter/ pump for first time...

    What is your water level? At least half way up the skimmer. Sounds like your sucking air into the skimmer (forms a vortex). All the valves on the suction and return side open?
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    Two speed pump has air on low

    Have had the same issue for 5 years.
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    Suggestions for best *reusable* CYA Skimmer sock

    Old panty hose. I use the some nylon sleeve for drainage pipe. Had a roll from a project and just cut a piece when I need it.
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    For those in the North, when do you open?

    May, after the "helicopters fall" Mapple trees.
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    Strong Chlorine Smell - Spa

    I had noticed this on mine also. I don't think the water circulates from the spa to pool very well. Every so often I turn the valves to empty the spa into the pool, then refill with pool water. Worked for me.
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    Waterproof Sealing a 1/4" crack in concrete

    When I finished the basement we used Delta fl underlayment. Put the laminate on top of it buit the walls on it also. One of the boxs stores sells it. They don't know they do, showed up with the skew number and ordered it. ... cts/fl.php
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    pool full of brachish bay water..what to do?

    CaptJoe I have salt test strips. PM me and I'll test it for you. I'm in Toms River.
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    Is there a way to seal Sun Deck/ Kool deck? DIY job

    There is a sealent for Kooldeck. here's a link.
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    Pool placement

    phonedave is correct about setbacks. In my area the setbacks would not allow me to place the pool from front to back on side of the yard. I got a Variance from the Zoning Board. This can be a long process and rather expensive (lawyer, aerial photos, registered letters to neighbors, etc,)...
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    Parts for Autopilot dig 220 Power Circuit Board I can't find

    Re: Parts for Autopilot dig 220 Power Circuit Board I can't SinistrV6 it appears in your last photo that the capacitors have gone bad. The tops have opened up.
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    When you aren't swimming, what are you riding?

    Have a 1975 Super glide, sitting behind my shed for 30 years. Should drag it out and work on it!
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    Credit where credit is

    Amazon is going to start charging sales tax for 8 more states. NJ starts July 2013. I'm still going to be buying from them.
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    Problem vacuuming to waste?

    Re: ? about vacuuming to waste with a sand filter. There is a picture of the top of my 6 way valve here. Hayward 310T pool-school/visual_encyclopedia Just noticed you can't read the settings. If no answers I'll check when I get home.