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    Circuit Breaker Replacement Recommendation

    Per the NFPA, GA is currently on the 2017 NEC code cycle which is the latest code cycle (the next update is due out in 2020) This does not mean that everyone has to bring their pools into 2017 compliance. Your pool is covered by the code cycle when it was built, which in this case may have been...
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    2003 Sundance Optima blower motor voltage at board

    We will need to know what we are working on to help. Brand, Model and what it is. Based on the limited info so far I am guessing some sort of heater. Dan Edit...I see the info in the title bad. Hot tub, correct? It looks like the board should be putting 240 out on that line but you...
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    Heater problem

    Check and see if this board has a jumper on it that may need to be moved to a certain position to enable the board to communicate with the membrane pad or with outside control (automation)
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    raypak 266 Milivolt NG won't fire

    Use an OHM meter to check the switch for resistance instead of firing the parts cannon. It should read 0 ohms. Power piles do go bad over time and loose their ability to output power. Also they can be cleaned if they are dirty which will cause a low power output.
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    Bonding issue

    It is hard to tell...but in that picture it looks like the blue tapcon screw is bonding the neutral bar to the box (screw behind the incoming neutral) It may just be the angle at which the picture is taken. Easiest way to tell is to check continuity between the box and neutral bar
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    pucks in a floater won't do any good if there isn't circulation
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    Hayward H150 limiter switches

    The wiring schematic on page16 of this link... shows 5 limit switches in the schematic.
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    GFI For Amp Power Exterior Speakers

    The only component of a speaker system that would need to be bonded would be the box/case/shell/etc if it were made of a conductive material and withing the NEC's described distances from the water. Since the speaker voltage is nothing more than a complex transformer circuit, the speakers/wiring...
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    Hayward H400IDCAL

    Clean the flame sensor. Also make sure all of the burners are lighting...if not remove them and clean them
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    Constant rain in Missouri

    haven't opened mine yet. Warmest day here has been mid 70's for a whole 1 day. Mostly in the mid 60's.
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    Troubleshooting Hayward H200FDP Heater

    Just a thought... do you smell gas when the valve opens? The gas valve should flow at least 5 seconds before the flame sense circuit shuts it down. Dan
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    Troubleshooting Hayward H200FDP Heater

    Per James... Make sure the air doors and burner tubes are clear. If the gas valve is opening something is preventing the gas from getting to the igniter. At this point I would not throw any money at the electronics. It seems they are all working as they should. Dan
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    Troubleshooting Hayward H200FDP Heater

    When the as valve opens, there should be a click. Some are not very loud. Check for 24 volts at the valve when it is signaled to open with a volt meter.
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    Troubleshooting Hayward H200FDP Heater

    The flame sensor does not come into play until the burners have lit...kind of. Have you checked the orifices to ensure they are clear? If the igniter is lighting, then the controller is working. The way the sequence works is this. Call for heat Blower fan on. proving switch closes. Igniter on...
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    Pentair MiniMax NT heater w/DDTC does not ignite

    If the system is working , the output wire to the igniter will have voltage on it. I wouldn't condemn the igniter at 123 ohms yet. If the error light is showing an air flow problem, then the vacuum switch is either bad or the system is clogged up somewhere. This is not what this is for. The...