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    Heater not heating

    OK, ... Several things need to happen for one of these to work. First is the call for heat. Switch on and thermostat turned up causing the fan to come on is good in that we have power and that the fan and thermostat are working. When the fan comes on, one of the proving switches is connected to...
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    Heater not heating

    The igniters on these are spark gap electrodes similar in function to a gas engine spark plug in operation. I doubt it is the problem. These units have a bad track record of board problems with broken solder joints. There are also several safety switches that any one of will prevent the unit...
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    Hayward heater ignition failure

    Sounds like a dirty flame sensor
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    Bermuda grass quick green

    Look up The Lawn Care Nut on Youtube. Alan is a wealth of information an lawns. go back about two years or so when he moved to Florida from the mid west. He has some great advice on lawns. Dan
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    Rheem Raypak igniter failure.

    On the board, there will be a black circular object about 1/25" dia and about the same height. This will have a heavy wire coming from the top of it. This is the spark coil that sends the high voltage spark down the wire to the igniter. Check the back side of the board to see if one of the...
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    Water meter for first pool fill?

    Call your local water dept and see if they have a spare meter they can loan to you.
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    Pool bonding, Grounding

    Power surges thru the electrical system can take out boards. We see this all the time around here in the late fall when people fire up their furnaces for the first time. I am expecting at least 10-12 calls this fall for non working furnace due to a bad board and I am willing to bet at least half...
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    H150 Will not ignite

    Jumpering the gas valve indicates that there is trouble in the safety circuit. (this is why they wanted you to unhook the jumper after the test). The safety circuit is nothing more than a daisy chain of wires and switches. Each switch (sensor) is 2 potential resistance connections that may be...
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    Pool heater leaking from within

    As James indicated...Pressure switch...or whats left of it. It needs to be replaced. Dan
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    Gfci breaker keeps tripping

    You need an electrician with a working knowledge of wiring sub-panels as I see several code violations in there. I agree with the others on seeing what looks like a compromised insulation on a couple of wires. Also Not sure what the Drywall screw is doing in there but it cant be good in the...
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    Hayward H150 pilot won't stay lit

    Couple of things... How much voltage it the generator/power pile putting out? When you stated... I removed the wires on the valve for the safety did you remove all of them? If so jumping the terminals doesn't work that way. You need to have the power pile wires connected to do this. No user...
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    DoughBoy Sequel two filter bonding question

    Is there anything on the pump that indicates that it is double insulated? If so, no bonding is required
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    Circuit Breaker Replacement Recommendation

    Per the NFPA, GA is currently on the 2017 NEC code cycle which is the latest code cycle (the next update is due out in 2020) This does not mean that everyone has to bring their pools into 2017 compliance. Your pool is covered by the code cycle when it was built, which in this case may have been...
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    2003 Sundance Optima blower motor voltage at board

    We will need to know what we are working on to help. Brand, Model and what it is. Based on the limited info so far I am guessing some sort of heater. Dan Edit...I see the info in the title bad. Hot tub, correct? It looks like the board should be putting 240 out on that line but you...
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    Heater problem

    Check and see if this board has a jumper on it that may need to be moved to a certain position to enable the board to communicate with the membrane pad or with outside control (automation)