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    Cracked Jandy housing screw holes

    Another update - I replaced the ancient yellowed pump basket lid with a new one and that let me see where the air was coming into the pump. Looked to me like air bubbles were coming in via the lid/o-ring seal. So I re-lubed the ring and tried to get it to fit a little better and that seemed to...
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    Unused suction side port, what should I do with it?

    Hello, I have a suction side port that I used to use for suction-side cleaning. I've recently switched to using a robot cleaner. The side port is closed with a snap-lock wall fitting on the pool side. On the equipment end, I have the valve shut off going to the side port. So there is some...
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    Thinking of a Robot, have a few questions...

    I have the Dolphin Premier and it's pretty great. I don't keep it in the pool, mainly because the robot's filters are full of debri and dirt and can't really do more than one 2 or 3 hour run without a cleaning. I keep the robot on the caddy under the house awning, near where it's plugged into...
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    What are these stains?

    I test at home with test strips, I've been meaning to pick up a Taylor kit. I'm checking out Pool School - thanks for the advice!
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    What are these stains?

    Hello! I moved to a house in northern California 5 months ago with a pool that I think is at least 16 years old. I've been learning a lot thanks to TFP and the water looks great, I test it all the time and take it to the pool store weekly. But the pool has had these stains near the main drain...
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    Cracked Jandy housing screw holes

    Just following up here. I tried cleaning out the impeller with my fingers and a screwdriver via the pump and didn’t find any debris at all. Thanks for mentioning the drain plugs. I opened them and found disintegrated o-rings on them, so I replaced those. Filter pressure increased slightly...
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    Cracked Jandy housing screw holes

    Ah, I didn't know about the drain on the impeller housing, thank you. I'll check that out tonight when I get home.
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    Cracked Jandy housing screw holes

    The pump basket is clean and sitting correctly with the hole facing the incoming pipe. I've checked it a few times, it's always pretty clean, but I've never checked the impeller for debris, I need to do that, thanks! The gauge is new, I just installed it last weekend. It sits at zero when the...
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    Cracked Jandy housing screw holes

    Wow, thanks! So the motor is at least 13 years old. What's the normal life of these motors?
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    Cracked Jandy housing screw holes

    Here's the silver tag model number, its hard to read it but I keep getting an error message saying I went over my limit for images. It's "P4E6E - 1S1L"