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    Ugh, mustard algae again!

    Thank you. The YO is from Leslie’s
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    Ugh, mustard algae again!

    It’s clear and looks great. But it was clear when I saw the algae on Monday. That’s when I shocked it and brought it up to 29 FC with bleach. I don’t have the complete Taylor lot so I’ll have to take a sample to the pool store this afternoon. I know, I have to buy the kit. Last I checked CYA was...
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    Ugh, mustard algae again!

    Thank you! I bought the FAS kit and measured the FC and CC levels this morning. It’s my first time doing it so I hope I did it right. I *think* I am done. In any case, we are leaving town next week so I’m putting tabs in the chlorinater and I hired a pool person to maintain once a week. Fingers...
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    Ugh, mustard algae again!

    I inherited a pool with mustard algae. It's been mostly trouble-free until the algae comes back. Last year we were lucky to only have one bloom, in August. It's hot and humid here in Georgia. This year has been particularly hot and rainy and I'm onto my 3rd bloom, ugh! Anyway, last time I...
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    Sorta new here, hello!

    I haven't posted in a long time so it does feel like I just joined. I've been a pool owner for almost 5 years and I love it although it's a lot of work and I'm basically the pool girl in our family. We only hire pros when we go on vacation or have a problem. Our pool is an 18'x36' rectangle with...