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    Problem with my intellichlor IC40

    what is your chlorine percentage set to... if its on 20% then the cell light might only be on for about 12 minutes every hour. Try putting it on 100% to see if the cell light comes on, if it doesnt then something is wrong.
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    Pool slide question

    I suspect a majority of accidents happen regarding diving boards and pool slides, hence a lot of pool companies hesistation in recommending them.
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    Pumps and Deck Jets...

    I run two deck jets with 4 returns with a 1.5 superflo. It depends how high you want to run your deck jets. By playing with the return valves you can either run them all or isolate them to shoot 30 feet into the air.
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    About to decide on SWG - Is Pentair IntelliChlor any good?

    I have the IC20 and so far so good, knock on wood. It will be my third season soon. As far as salt corrosion goes... there is high quality stainless steel screws and there is low quality. You will find out quickly which ones you have.
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    I need your vote - Part 2!!!!

    alright guys keep it coming!!! I hope we can get to round 3!! I wanna be on a plane to Calgary!
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    I need your vote - Part 2!!!!

    Hi Everyone, thanks to your votes my son's video "going under 60 seconds" made the cut to the second round. But now we need your votes again, we are up against a video from Alberta Canada, so please go to and vote for us! Thanks again and hopefully we can make...
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    I need your vote!!!

    a vote from Miami!! my old stomping grounds!! thanks again, tomorrow is the last day for voting!!
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    I need your vote!!!

    Thats great guys, keep the votes coming!! the cutoff for voting is this Sunday. Peter
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    I need your vote!!!

    Thanks for the voting guys... I know its such a cold weather sport, but its something to do between waiting for the frozen pond to open in the spring!
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    I need your vote!!!

    Sorry to post this here, hope its ok to. Hi Everyone, as some of you already know, my son (Connor) is really into short track speed skating. He skates for the Newmarket Jets Speed Skating Club. What you might not know is that recently Connor has made a video about his favourite speed skating...
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    Can I replace the LM2-15 cell for the LM2-24 or LM3-24 cell?

    I definately would not replace the cell until you get your pool under control, no algae, proper CYA, pH, FC/CC, and salt PPM numbers. Running with a smaller cell only means it has to generate Chlorine more often, which, in the long run will shorten the life of the cell, but you can always run...
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    Feedback on colorlogic LED's

    Glad to see that you are somewhat happy with them. Did you get the second generation LED's as they are suppose to be brighter. The only color that is really dark for us is the red.... and it is more of a glow effect than a bright underwater light.
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    BBB method in a hot tub / spa ?

    I just went a week between checking the chemicals in my hot tub. The only issue I had was my pH was a bit high and my bromine floater needed to be refilled... and my bromine level was a bit high. I just adjusted the floater to a lower level... added a little acid and some shock and I'm done. I...
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    Dust storm dropped tons of dirt in the pool. How to clean?

    How about just letting all the dirt settle to the bottom by turning the pump off. And then vacumning the dirt collected on the bottom to waste.