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    DIY Pump Flow Sensor (for automated control system)

    I was going to suggest a paddle type Flow switch and not a Flow sensor but looks like you already picked it. A paddle switch is either on or off as long as it switches below your lowest flow setting and easy to test if problems occur. The paddle on the one you have attached is 70mm long but it...
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    Startup SWG chlorinator salt for new pool

    Nice Pool! My pool cya is at 60 now which is fine for this time of year. I'm only losing about 0.2 to 0.3 with a clean pool. My kids have already had two swims in our pool at 17-18c day water. 26deg is like a bath here. Jump in and enjoy.
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    Chlorine level for low and high water temp

    An FC of 3 with 0 cya is more harsh than having an FC of 4 with 30 cya I believe. With temperatures rising slightly, Spring in the air and the rain showers lately I would want to keep it on the high side of the target FC. My pool is only 14deg C now. Do you get a lot of sun on your pool?
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    Chlorine level for low and high water temp

    Experts can explain in more depth but in short The TFP way is going to be different to what others may say. Try not to mix other methods and the TFP way. You'll end up spinning around and confused.
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    Best Value Robot in Australia?

    Dandelion I just bought the s200. I looked at the equivalent models like the x30 and Trident but they didn't have the weekly timer or swivel cable. I don't need the caddy so didn't want to pay extra for that. 2year warranty if you buy here. Not sure if you will get that if you buy one OS...
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    Davey Pump - Australian Wiring Confusion

    At 60hz the motor will run faster as it's made for 50hz.
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    pH sensors that don't have to be calibrated

    Nice work with getting it up and running. I found myself Checking my pH log every morning while waiting for my coffee instead of work emails. I also had/have the emails when the pH reaches a target but I had to increase the Deadband to stop an email been sent every time the pH value toggled to...
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    what Chlorine test should i do ? free and combine or free combined total

    Have you only put in 900grams of CYA? You Pool Math logs say that you have put in 1080grams. 0.9Kg of CYA will give you less than 30ppm of CYA. The test starts at 30 so thats probably why you can still see the dot? Keep practicing and you'll be an expert by Summer. Love your signature!:LOL:
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    How are you storing your robots?

    Hanging out in the garage at the moment. I'm planning on moving the hook into the filter box and hanging it there when not in use. Otherwise in summer it will be in the pool unless we are swimming.
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    Confused about new liquid-filled pressure gauge

    The Glycerine inside the Pressure gauges main purpose is for dampening of the needle in a fluctuating pressure procces. As Brett s also noted it's to prevent moisture corrosion on the internal gears and bourbon tube. The gauge internals should be vented when in service and closed for...
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    Pool math using for Australia not sure what to do

    My HCL is automatically dosed so I guess I've never paid too much attention to the strength. When I do dose manually I put in half the amount, test and then add what ever is required to reach the desired amount.
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    Variable speed pump slow speed is this the way to go, from a total pool newby

    Fiesta The run times are also dependant on how you chlorinate (LC or SWCG). This time of year in Aus I find 2hr is more than enough to skim and replenish the small amount of CL lost in 24hrs. Your pools location(in sun, trees over the pool) and number of Bathers will effect the FC loss during...
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    Variable speed pump slow speed is this the way to go, from a total pool newby
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    Variable speed pump slow speed is this the way to go, from a total pool newby

    Hi Fiesta Pool water turnover is not really required. The pump only needs to be running enough to mix your Chemicals, reach you FC target and to skim and or clean you pool.