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    Pentair Dynamo Pump Motor

    Just moved wires works perfectly. Thanks again
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    Pentair Dynamo Pump Motor

    Figured that. Just wanted to make sure.
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    Pentair Dynamo Pump Motor

    Line? Does it matter which color? White or black? Does non-reversable mean that it doesn't matter how the hot and neutral are attached, it will still run the same way?
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    Pentair Dynamo Pump Motor

    Thanks for that. Makes 100% sense. I guess I never noticed it was pre-wired for 230v. I just direct swapped it and didn't think because I was only sending 115v to it. I hope it didn't mess it up. Chalk it up to making sure motor side wires are right. Thanks for the help.
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    Pentair Dynamo Pump Motor

    I have been told that. But why would it run fine when the filter valve is set on filter/recirculate, but when I put it on waste/rinse/backwash, it starts acting stupid? I have 115v going to it. Nothing on the feed side changed. Just disconnected the white and black wires out the intermatic...
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    Pentair Dynamo Pump Motor

    Yeah, I did some research and learned that.
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    Pentair Dynamo Pump Motor

    If anyone knows why this happens please let me know. It only happens when backwashing/waste/or rinse. Attached is a video
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    Pentair Dynamo Pump Motor

    My original motor died. Upon looking around I found a Century A.O. Smith - 48Y 1-1/2HP Single Speed Pool and Spa Pump Motor, 16.0/8.0A, 115/230V at an online retailer and bought it. When I opened up the box, I noticed it had a few extra wires, no switch and start-up capacitor. Looked great and...
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    Need help on lines.

    Yeah I should have taken a few pics of the filter area. Only image I have shows the valve which was the most important issue at the time.
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