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    CYA measurement

    I don’t think you were supposed to mix the sample. It’s already a mixed 50ppm sample when you get it. You simply pour it in the comparator tube and verify you can read it correctly at 50ppm.
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    App suggestion - summary filter and photos

    You know, I never looked at that page before. If you keep good records, this gives you a nice summary. Of course you can also export the logs to csv and do whatever you want to in a spreadsheet..
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    Seem to be using a lot of stabilizer

    Please do a OCLT to see if you are losing chlorine overnight. Check chlorine after sunset, turn off SWCG and then check in the morning before the sun hits the pool. I think this is way overdue in your case.
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    Can't get rid of algae?

    You don’t want to go below your minimum FC for your CYA level. Your CYA is 40 so your minimum FC is 3ppm with 5-7 your target level. You need to know what your FC loss is per day to make sure your don’t go under the minimum FC. It looks like you bring it up when you add chlorine but if your...
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    Total noob - think we have black algae

    If your CYA is 50 now, Your SLAM level FC is 20. Follow the SLAM Process as mknauss indicates above.
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    Chlorine/CYA Issues

    Yes, leave the chlorinator off until you’re finished.
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    I drained approx 2/3 of my water and my CYA is still [email protected] 110!

    If you’re not going to do any further water exchange, I would try to keep your FC between 10-15 aiming towards the upper end.
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    FC and CC?

    What @HermanTX said, FC needs to be about 12-16.
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    Chlorine on SALE

    Our Home Depot has Acid @ 31.45 in the garden area. Don’t look for it in the pool isle, it is usually outside.
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    Let’s See Your DIY Aerators 🤗😎

    I just gotta say, this gave a real good chuckle..
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    pH buffer other than TA?

    You can go lower on the TA, I have mine at 50 which is “finally” helping my PH issue. Mine sounds a little like yours, I even purchased Boric Acid to add to my pool once I know it’s stable. I have not committed 100% to adding any borates yet but I did already buy some in anticipation of doing...
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    New pool, trying to get established and having issues

    What brand chlorine? You want plain old bleach with no additives. Nothing with "blue" in the name for sure.
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    Check my logic on CYA

    I completely understand you’re trouble with the CYA test. Many people have that problem. What I would suggest is to order a test sample for CYA from tftestkits. That way you can look at a known level of 50ppm and see where you really are.
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    Jet Placement and Water Flow

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? Looks good to me though.
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    Persistent fine dirt on bottom of pool.

    Mark, You seem pretty resistant to SLAMing, if your pool is clear now it should only take a few days to rule out algae and then you just cross it off the list. If I were you, I would slam (because it's the rational thing to do to eliminate algae as the cause).